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Run-able backpack?

KnottedYet2011-09-06 02:18:56 +0000 #1
I want to start running as part of my commute.

I need a backpack that will carry my lunch, purse, water, and jacket. Maybe a shirt and pants as well. The backpack must not jounce around on my back, and objects must not jounce around inside the pack.

Running does not work with my current pack, no sir!

Figure I am looking for:smallish pack
chest strap
hip belt
load compression straps
water bladder capability
reasonable water resistance

Anyone have experience with a trail-running pack that they just loved? Or conversely, that they hated with a purple passion?
Trek4202011-09-06 02:33:04 +0000 #2
Duck on Wheels just got a packable hydration vest from:

You might be able to get your stuff in one of their models without the water bladder full. She tried nearly every running hydration pack in REI. All of them chafed under the arms except this. Says because they adjust vertically, horizontally, over, under or on the bQQbs and so far is comfy in all her training for the half marathon.
OakLeaf2011-09-06 02:24:41 +0000 #3
I'll rave again about the Nathan packs/vests. There are purses and purses, so I don't know if the Synergy pack is big enough for your needs - but it would have room for mine, especially if I didn't fill the water bladder completely.

Before I got mine, I thought I'd never use the double compartment bladder - but it's perfect for hot days, when I can put a strong solution of Endurolytes in the small compartment and lots of ice in the big compartment, and not have to worry about the dilution changing as the ice melts.

Two liters of water in my Intensity pack rides lighter than 24 oz in my Amphipod three-bottle belt.



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