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50 for 50

yellow2011-09-15 23:17:38 +0000 #1
OK, I'm going to start this now so that I have plenty of time to gather my 50 wishes/thoughts/nuggets of goodness.

I need a wish for each mile for my event June 4: . Of course, I will take more than 50 (it's actually closer to 51 miles anyway)!

My plan is to put them all on a piece of paper and stuff it in my Nathan. Yes, these 50 wishes will go all the way with me.

lph2011-09-15 23:19:26 +0000 #2
I wish for more women to be like you!
Grog2011-09-15 23:55:53 +0000 #3

Maybe "world peace"?
azfiddle2011-09-15 23:37:03 +0000 #4
I don't run, but my husband has done four organized 50 mile runs and 5 or 6 on his own. He had one DNF and one end of run super bonk, and has used those experiences to figure out what works for him. He had his most successful run this spring in the Old Pueblo 50, and ended the run feeling really great. In fact the organizers told him his was the best finish they had seen!

I'm sure his advice would be:

Eat, stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes up! Eat 200-300 calories per hour and drink based on your sweat rate. Don't push yourself and rest/walk when you need to.

Good luck- and my wish/hope is: I hope you don't lose too many toenails!
yellow2011-09-16 00:32:46 +0000 #5
OK, so that's 3. Only 47 to go. I can always make my own list, but my thought/hope is that by getting wishes from others that running the 50 miles will have some other purpose than...just running 50 miles.

I will add one based on conversation with friends last night over beer:

Veronica2011-09-16 01:35:11 +0000 #6
I've been trying to think of a really good wish, something not too shallow or obvious. Something that could really happen.

I think I'd wish for another day like this.

yellow2011-09-15 23:41:06 +0000 #7
Thanks, V. That is AWESOME.
snapdragen2011-09-16 00:47:20 +0000 #8
It's never too late to have a happy childhood. (with thanks to Tom Robbins)



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