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Hydra Pouch?

hulagirl2011-10-14 04:15:15 +0000 #1
I just got an email announcing the registration opening of a triathlon I did last year. In it, the race director says they are "going green!" and using Hydra Pour stations and will have limited cups to avoid the mess.

Then he puts a link in saying that we can get 10% off our order via his link for "your own personal Hydra Pouch!" as used in the big events on the mainland.

So I'm like "WTF is a Hydra Pouch?" and "Damnit now I have to carry my own water? Agh!"

I go to this link and see this Hydra Pouch thing. And yeah, that's nice and all but it sure as hell isn't GREEN...let's take into account the manufacturing of silicone products and how they will just fill up a land-fill when you don't want it anymore. At least cups can be composted/recycled.

What gets me is that Mr. Race Director will get $2 for every cup he sells if folks use his link! What a JERK! I'm so angry that I'm THIS CLOSE to sending him an email telling him he's an a$$ for doing this and basically making folks think they only way they will get water is if they have this pouch.

But gosh darn it, I like the idea. Especially for the longer runs with lots of aid stations. But I'm not going to give this dork $2. Nor will I do his event again. However, he's also the race director for the Honolulu Triathlon so I bet this will come next year. Boo.

Have any of you seen one of these? Or raced with one of these? My concern is that there will be a line at the aid station where everyone is trying to fill up their pouches using this Hydra Pour spigot? I'm slow enough - I don't need to be waiting in any stinking lines while out on the run!

(no my link will not get you a discount nor me $2!)

Veronica2011-10-14 04:20:19 +0000 #2
My HIM (Barb's Race) last year had them available. I forgot to pick one up so didn't actually get to try one. I talked to a competitor who used it. She thought it went pretty smoothly.

They're not doing it this year though, so I'm guessing feedback wasn't too positive.




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