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Wow, this is starting to be fun!

rubysoho2011-10-21 10:18:16 +0000 #1
I have never been a good runner. Although I have always wanted to "do" running. I did try the couch to 5k program a few times but was never successful without pain developing after two miles. Then this year I started biking around mid-spring. I finally caved and bought a pair of monkey feet (vibrams) after a friend, also not a natural runner, finished a half marathon in her vibrams with no pain.

Started out with too much gusto and sidelined myself with calf pain for almost two weeks. Since the beginning of summer I have been running mostly once a week on rest days from biking and sometimes twice a week. I think the vibrams are magical for me because I have gone from barely running a mile to now doing over three miles. Actually, I know the cycling has helped tremendously with my cardio but it is exciting to be running and not be in pain!

Last night, my friend was in town and we had spent the day working on her resume and in general just lounging. We decided to be a little active and go running together. She is another non-runner so I told her I would try to help pace her out while she claimed she couldn't run a mile straight. All I did was listen to her breathing and adjusted from there. We started running and she almost made it to two miles without her needing to walk! I was so happy for her and then I was also so happy because the run felt incredibly easy for me. I barely broke a sweat! And then I realized... This is actually fun!

So, today I am still excited about finding the "fun" in running and I just had to share. Magical shoes, cycling, whatever has helped I am so thankful for it. I plan on running my first 5k race on September 10th. Two years ago I was running 3-4 times a week for over two months and couldn't get through two miles without walking multiple times. And now this summer, having run probably less than 12 times total over a few months I am running straight for more than three miles.

*happy dance* thanks for letting me share.

jessmarimba2011-10-21 10:34:20 +0000 #2
indysteel2011-10-21 10:31:37 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by jessmarimba


+1. As a wanna-be-kinda-sorta-runner myself, I totally understand your excitement!
MCAP2011-10-21 11:14:56 +0000 #4
Hey Ruby! (it's me- mp from udbb).

Glad to hear running is working out for you! I did my longest run ever tonight 11.25 mi. Had to take a couple of unscheduled potty breaks and I'm super slow, but it's all good. So glad you're doing well!



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