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Los Angeles Marathon

Jen122011-10-27 05:12:38 +0000 #1
I'm seriously considering doing the LA Marathon next year. My 40th birthday is that weekend and I'm looking for something special to mark it. The last time I did a full marathon was in 2008 (my third) and I was plagued with overuse injuries right after that one that made me pull out in the middle of what would have been my fourth. Hopefully I've managed to heal so that doing 26 miles again won't be a problem.

Has anyone done the new stadium to sea LA route? Logistically it looks like a pain (not that every marathon doesn't have it's logistical issues). You have to reserve parking when you register and no doubt still get there way early to actually GET a space. Although staying overnight in Santa Monica might make things easier, I'm not crazy about the idea of spending for a hotel there, especially because I'll likely be alone and have to pay the whole cost by myself. I only live about an hour away so the drive isn't too awful.

Anyway, if anyone has done this one and has any tips, I'd be grateful!



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