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Running through May Flowers

katluvr2011-11-03 03:13:24 +0000 #1
Although I have not been posting, I have been running and thought it was time for a "May" running thread. I do "compose" my TE posts during my runs, just don't seem to sit down at the computer after I run. And today I wanted to post about my first adventure run. But first, my recent runs...

So I am 98 days away from Pikes Peak Ascent. I ran a 10 miler on some "hilly" terrain (last Saturday) and my 11 miler within 5 days of each other (did that on Weds). Plus it is hot. And I don't think I was feeling my best. My 11 miler was not stellar! Had a bad day on treadmill trying to walk/jog/slog thru high inclines. Needless to say I am getting worried. But today I am looking forward to next week and attacking my training once again.

So last night I did my first adventure race. I am a road runner. Not many trails around here. Lots of senic road running. In the spring I did my first trail race and loved it. So since Pikes Peak is on a trail AND will have some challenges I signed up for this Adventure run series. Last night was the first. Now it is 90+ degrees, our humidity was in the 90's...seriously it was muggier than I have ever felt it this time of year. Luckily race was at 6:45 PM, was a tiny bit cooler and we had a breeze (although warm) coming off the water. The race was 3.6 miles. We started on the beach, so it started off on uneven shifting sand. Plus it was busy so we had a few bottle necks that ended up with slowing or walking as we exited off the beach. In a few other area that twisted and turned I ended up walking because I could not get by. After some time out on the grass they threw a few mounds of dirt & rubble for us run over, then it was the "crawl under the net" in the playground sand, followed by "the tires" and then a hurdle. After that fun series we were running in ankle deep water. Well, we were supposed to run but I got stuck behind the group walking! I mean it is an adventure RUN! After that bit of water we then moved into a very narrow trail thru the mangroves in ankle deep muck...mud! But smelly and gross and they kept walking SLOWLY. OMG

I needed to get out of there. (Looking back I can only laugh). Then we ran somemore out and about, weaving along the path they laid out. Then up and down zig-zagging along the berm and FINALLY a run back to the finish line on the beach.

So I can't say I loved it every minute. It was HOT. It was tough at times. My tummy was not feeling good (I am NOT an evening runner). But I really did have fun. And I DID IT! So 3.6 miles in 42:24. Not horrible considering all the walking I had to do.

So next month I plan to get out front a little more, and figure out eating for the day to help my tummy be better.

Considering I can't stand to get my feet dirty, I am happy to report after hosing off my shoes and then taking my shoes and socks feet were clean! No mud between the toes! Yippy!!


indysteel2011-11-03 03:19:40 +0000 #2
That sounds like quite the run Katluvr! I am not enjoying our own heat and humidity right now. It's going to be a struggle for me to get used to it.

I ran an organized 5k this morning. It was at Camp Atterbury, a local Army base and was a benefit for the USO. My boss and his wife were there, as well a few friends who live nearby. I had a good run, despite feeling kind of ick in the humidity. It wasn't even that hot, but it sure felt that way. It was a fun time. There's a 5-miler coming up at the base, too. I might give that a shot, although I'm not sure I could run the whole thing.
Dogmama2011-11-03 04:02:54 +0000 #3
I ran my very first 10 miler yesterday. I decided to do modified sprints - 3.5 minutes fast & 5 minutes of regular jogging. I must have been crazy. But I finished with an average pace of 10.38, which is really good for me. I quit "sprinting" about 3/4 of the way through & just ran.

Today I am hammered. My allergies hit me full force when I got home, so I know that is a large part of it. But I feel good that I actually ran 10 miles.
skhill2011-11-03 04:23:59 +0000 #4
Katluvr, that sounds like quite the adventure! and I too usually have a bad tummy if I run in the evening. What's helped for me is eating my usual breakfast for dinner when doing an evening race. Thats a bowl of (generic) shredded wheat, with milk and maybe some fruit. Tummy's still not exactly happy, but its a lot better...

Had a time crunch this morning, so just did a quick 3 miles before heading out to church.

A really quick 3 miles, just 25 minutes and change, in a chilly drizzle. The effects of last week's blood donation are finally wearing off, hooray!
limewave2011-11-03 04:28:25 +0000 #5
Kat--that sounds like so much fun! What a neat race series to have! So cool.

My 25k:

Yesterday I had my 25k. It's a big event, approx. 22,000 runners. It was cool and rainy. But I'm totally okay with that. I'd rather have that than hot and humid, or last years weather which was FREEZING cold, rainy, with strong wind gusts.

During my last minute race prep my Garmin would not power on!!! I made a last-minute decision to ditch my dry spot under and overhang to run back to my car and leave the Garmin. I knew if I ran with it dead on my wrist, it would drive me insane.

I felt panic not having anything to monitor my splits. But that's what the pace groups are for, right? I really, really wanted to try and finish under 9 minute miles. I lined up right in front of the 9-minute mile pace group. Literally right in front of the guy holding the sign.

And then we were off! I love running with a lot of people. It was a nice group and I never felt over-crowded like I did at the Chicago Marathon. My philosophy for the race was, as long as I kept passing people, I was probably doing okay on pace.

The entire run I felt like I was running a race.

"D'uh" you say.

Well, a long race like that I usually get into a groove and just run it at a comfortable pace. But this time I felt like I was racing! I felt like I do when I run a 10k all-out. I told myself if I ate enough GU packets and drank enough Endura, I should be able to keep that pace up indefinitely--it's all about fuel. Right?

I felt really good up until the last mile. But I pushed on. I crossed the finish line at 2:15:00. With my poor math skills, I couldn't figure out what pace I ran. Is a 25k 15 miles? 15.2 miles? I don't know!

Thankfully the results were up by the time I drove home. My "chip" time was 2:13! With a pace of 8:35 min/mile

BTW: 25k = 15.534 miles. Now I know. And no wonder that "last mile" after the 14 mile marker went on FOREVER.
indysteel2011-11-03 04:32:36 +0000 #6
OMG, Limewave. What a fantastic result, especially considering that you rode a hard race just a week before! I'm so impressed.
Dogmama2011-11-03 04:52:46 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by limewave

Thankfully the results were up by the time I drove home. My "chip" time was 2:13! With a pace of 8:35 min/mile

BTW: 25k = 15.534 miles. Now I know. And no wonder that "last mile" after the 14 mile marker went on FOREVER.

Wow! Congratulations!
colby2011-11-03 06:33:10 +0000 #8
Way to go, limewave! That's an awesome result. No surprise, considering all your hard work.

I was on a cruise this weekend (a vegas/booze cruise, sigh, not my thing) and ran a couple hours on a treadmill on a moving boat, so my equilibrium is still a little off.



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