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Night running

Red Rock2011-11-06 02:17:15 +0000 #1
I started this since I did not want to hijack the July running thread.

Yellow mentioned running at night due to the extreme heat that we are having here in Southwestern Utah, as wells, during the winter.

My concerns are these:

1. Exercising late and then not being able to get my heart rate down so I can sleep. I have done minor, not violent stuff, mostly walking before bed. Also stretching has been helpful to relax.

2. Lighting. How do you work lights so you can see? Do you use two headlamps; one for the head, the other around hips to light road/trail ahead of you?

3. Being a female, I'm a bit concerned about my safety. How do you deal with this issue? What if DH is not to happy about running after hours?

If you all can help me out with this, I'm more than willing to try. I need to stay in shape for sure.

Thankyou for your helpful input.

Red Rock/ Ellen
yellow2011-11-06 02:24:42 +0000 #2
I'll be the first since this whole night running thing is my bag

1. In the summer, I will sometimes take melatonin and might plan on getting up a bit later (thankfully my work schedule is flexible enough for this). However, I usually don't sleep much anyhow, so even with the mel I still typically manage to get up early enough to get to work before every one else. The other option is to go to bed early and then get up at 3 or 4 am and run. Getting up and out is hard, but once I am out I always love it. In the winter it's not as much of a problem since it's dark from 5 pm to 8 am; you can be more flexible with your hours. I guess my fallback is the melatonin, which is good for my high-strungedness as well as for sleeping.

2. I usually just wear a headlamp if I need light at all. I've done full moon runs where I didn't need a light. I have seen lights that attach to a sternum strap for a daypack, and these would probably also work with a Nathan pack (check Zombie Runner website). Another option is a light that clips onto a hat bill. They aren't as bright as a headlamp, though. Some folks will carry very small but bright flashlights, but I don't like to have things in my hands.

3. I guess I'm stupid or brave or clueless. I don't worry about this. Well, sometimes I worry about mountain lions and moose, but these could be a problem regardless of one's gender. I've never had an incident with a person (with a grouse, yes, but not any people). This is a personal thing, though. If you are really concerned, take a self defense class and practice acting bada$$ (this is my secret). I refuse to let fear keep me from doing things I love. I don't choose areas that might be more dangerous. I don't usually see anyone at all when I run in the dark. Do you have a friend who might be willing to go with you on a trial run? Can you get your DH out there with you?

I do really love running in the dark in the winter. It's magical to be out there when it's 10F and everything is frozen. In the summer it's more of a necessity, although it's not as hot in SLC as it is where you are.

Let us know if you give it a shot!
Tri Girl2011-11-06 02:53:54 +0000 #3
When I trained for my 24 hour trail run last October, I did some night trail running. Only I did mine early in the morning. I always feel safer earlier in the morning than late at night. For some reason, I know the boogie man (or murderers, bad guys, etc) like to stay out late but not get up early. That's my thoughts anyway. Problem was, the spiders make their webs in the night and running in the dark morning I was running through massive webs. I would have run more if it weren't for them. So for me, spiders were more of an issue than people.

I used one of those lights that clipped to the bill of my hat/visor. It worked the best for me. Was bright, didn't cause weird shadows and I didn't have to carry anything in my hands.

I wish I could night run more often, but like others, my DH prefers me not to- and I totally respect his wishes!

This year when I train for the 24 hour race, I will run at night on the road behind our house that overlooks the lake drainage area. Nobody is around and it's close to the highway, so really no chance of anyone "getting" me.
Red Rock2011-11-06 02:58:00 +0000 #4
Thanks for your suggestions on this.

I understand what you mean about running in the snow, Yellow, there is nothing like it. The world is or seems more quiet after a good snow storm, or when there are no people around.

Right now DH is on vacation from work for the week so keeping "regualr schedules" has not been happening to well. So I am hoping when he goes back to work, I can get out there.

I'll let you know how things go.

Red Rock
Tri Girl2011-11-06 03:17:48 +0000 #5
How's the night running going, RedRock? Have you been able to get out?



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