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Clothing opinion

jessmarimba2012-01-03 15:12:41 +0000 #1
So the weather - right now - is looking to be kind of nasty for my half marathon this Saturday. Unfortunately it's in what I consider to be a gray area for clothes (no pun intended) - low of 31, high of 45, and 50% chance of rain.

For me, over 50 is definitely shorts, under 40 is definitely tights...and I don't have capris. What would you wear on the bottom?

(Just a note - I am considering buying capris and do not want to wear my current shorts, mostly because the looser material of my favorite shorts rubs in unexpected places if it gets salty from I am curious if you guys would do tights, capris, or compression shorts...or shorts and knee socks, or what)
GLC19682012-01-03 15:24:43 +0000 #2
Considering that I'm planning to run in the exact same weather (I'll be in Denver this weekend) on Saturday, I opt for capris. That's what I'll be wearing. Long tights would be too warm for me, even at those temps. I don't wear shorts for long runs due to potential chaffing, so that leaves capris as the best option.

What I'm going to wear on top is a mystery. When I looked at the weather when packing, the ran chance was only 10%, so I didn't bring ANY rain gear with me!
OakLeaf2012-01-03 15:54:05 +0000 #3
I'm cold-natured anyway, but if you want my opinion, with a chance of rain I'd say definitely tights. If they do get wet they're less likely to pull out of shape, ride up and chafe. Plus, if it's wet you'll feel colder anyhow.

I've never run in capris. But I would NOT buy a new garment right before a longer event. (A friend of mine has this huge hickey on his neck from a rain jacket he bought just before a trail ultra last weekend.

GLC19682012-01-03 16:02:31 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by OakLeaf

But I would NOT buy a new garment right before a longer event.

That is a really good point. I would buy more capris like the ones I have and feel comfortable wearing them when new for an event, but if you don't own capris and have never run in them, race day is probably not the right day to try them out.
jessmarimba2012-01-03 16:32:36 +0000 #5
I wouldn't get any that I'd be iffy about, but I have a pretty good idea (for tight bottoms) what will work and what won't.

I'm leaning towards tights, just b/c it's a trail race and I'll be muddy if it's raining...

...but another weather source is saying 56 for a high and a 20% chance of rain. So I guess I might wait and see. That's too hot for pants (for me).

(and up top will be a tank top and arm warmers. I don't bother with waterproof clothes on foot)

(ETA - as far as new clothing - I already KNOW that the shorts I own are not good for long runs. So new capris couldn't really be much worse!)
TsPoet2012-01-03 16:23:02 +0000 #6
I'm a very inexperienced runner, just do cycling and hiking. But, I would wear sweats to keep my legs warm until just before the race. I'd wear a light long sleeve shirt and shorts for the race. I find my legs warm up very quickly when I'm moving and I don't need more than shorts.

I also would not get something new right before.

I would also make sure I have sweats to put on right after the run, so I don't get a chill.

I have a pair of Capri I really love, but I don't really consider them to be any different from my tights as far as warmth goes. If it's too warm for tights, it's too warm for capris.

I also don't like pants in the rain, I'd rather deal with wet legs than slimy pants, even if we are talking good tech-type material, I don't like wet pants.
spokewench2012-01-03 16:15:34 +0000 #7
Here's an old bike racing tip that I know a lot of people swear by. If it is raining and cold (and your clothes will just get wet anyway) wear shorts ( i would wear compression shorts) with petroleum jelly smeared on your legs.

It is supposed to keep you warm. I really have not tried it; but I know my husband has done it

Just a thought
bmccasland2012-01-03 16:37:11 +0000 #8
Unpadded bicycle shorts under your own shorts (in lieu of undies/knickers) might prevent the chafing problems.



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