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Spooky running - It's October!

GLC19682012-03-03 17:16:56 +0000 #1
I wanted to start a new thread for October for two reasons.

1) I've never started the running thread before!

2) I'm running every day in the month of October, so it seemed fitting to keep them all in one place. You all should see me check in every single day this month!

Today I did an easy paced 2 miles at 8 am. It was only about 75F and it felt awesome! Looking forward to tomorrow's big run for the week.

Run 1 of 31 complete.
Veronica2012-03-03 17:21:47 +0000 #2
I'll be cheering you on!

My joints just can't seem to handle multiple days of running in a row. Maybe if I could do yoga every day it would work...

oxysback2012-03-03 17:45:02 +0000 #3
I'll chime in, too! I ran consecutive days earlier this week and my knees almost didn't forgive me. This morning I ran a 5k distance at a pace of 13:24. I know that's REALLY slow for the rest of you, but it's a personal best for me!

GLC, it's 55f right now. Was there a heat wave in your neighborhood this morning? LOL!
skhill2012-03-03 18:07:16 +0000 #4
GLC, good luck on running every day!

When I woke up this morning, it was all of 40F, and the weather channel was giving a wind chill temp of 36. BRRRRR! The good thing is we weren't struggling with heat and humidity during the 10k. But man it was cold and windy. About 2.5 miles in, I could finally feel all my toes (VFFs aren't very warm!), then by the 5 mile marker, they were going numb again. Definitely should have dressed warmer, but my winter running gear was boxed up. It's all out now... Ended up around 59:00 for the race, not very good but then I haven't been running much lately, and no speedwork since July. At least I ran the whole way, and kept a pretty steady pace. And I found a couple of crab apple trees on the course ready to be picked...
GLC19682012-03-03 18:52:50 +0000 #5
Ellen - I'm in FL this weekend! I WISH I was running in 50-degree weather, actually.

Congrats on the PR, that's great!

On the running every day thing - we'll see how it goes. There is NO WAY I could have done this even 6 months ago, but I've been consistent enough in my training now that I think it'll be fine. Some runs will be only a mile or two - others will be 13.1 (like in two weeks!). I'm hoping that by doing this, come November, I'll have built up a really good running habit and it'll all feel a lot easier to me.
Bike Chick2012-03-03 17:46:20 +0000 #6
Good luck, GLC! I don't think I could do that. I need at least a day in between but I have old legs!

Congrats to you Oxy on the PR. Feels great, doesn't it?

I woke up to 43 degrees this morning. Fall is definitely here but it was a perfect morning for my 11 mile run. It felt great and I feel ready for my half-marathon the end of the month.

Oh, and I got a pedicure Thursday and when she took the old polish off, I found I had 2 black big toenails. Eeek!
Crankin2012-03-03 19:50:23 +0000 #7
I also ran for the first of October. It's a gray, drizzly day and the 50 mile ride I was supposed to lead up to Hollis, NH, well, I cancelled it. It was pouring this morning.

I ran 5K, and ran almost the whole way. Took 3 maybe one minute walk breaks, but I did run up one small hill that almost always makes me want to walk. It's right at the inside curve on a somewhat busy country road, and I was too lazy to cross the street. But, no cars came and I flew up that. I did manage to run up the big hill, but I must have been going like 3 mph. Made myself stretch, too when I got back. Some days I just know I will feel OK running. As per my running program, I have no idea how fast I went or how long it took. Didn't even look at the time.
Jolt2012-03-03 20:30:25 +0000 #8
I was supposed to go on a 10-mile hike today, but it was cancelled because of rain--bummer, since I had been looking forward to that all week and then was left without anything to do today. Ended up doing a "long" (for me, not for a lot of you) run of just over an hour, in a light rain at about 62 degrees--not sure of the mileage and have no way to figure it out since a good part of it was on trails for which I don't have a map that shows the distance and isn't any help there either. The road part was a total of 3.4 miles; time-wise I'd say that was about half of it but I probably was going slower on some of the trails. So, I probably did somewhere around 6 miles. I ran 1.7 miles to the farm that has some of my favorite local trails, ran a loop that took me just under 20 minutes, and headed back the same way, taking an out-and-back detour on a trail that I saw coming off the main road on the way out, then going home the way I came. Surprisingly, I ran literally the whole way (with one stop in the restroom before leaving the farm), including the long hill on the way to the farm. That hill had to be almost a mile of pretty much continuous climbing; I'm shocked that I managed to run the whole thing and then keep going! I felt pretty good the whole run--maybe the rain helped b/c it kept me from getting too warm, or maybe it was the cup of tea I drank just before I went out. Who knows?



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