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January 2012 Running - Snow, stay away!

Selkie2012-05-08 13:16:28 +0000 #1
Sorry no clever title for this thread.

Started the new year out with a five-miler that began in first gear and steadily shifted into a speedy clip. DH and I went out after sunrise, it was crisp (mid-30s) but not cold, with a foggy mist.

We decided to forego our usual route that starts from our house (unrelenting rolling hills, some of which are steep) and run on a section of the W&OD which is a progressive climb [for locals, we started at Bluemont Park and ran out to Falls Church]. It's easy in comparison to the regular route, as there are only a couple discernible and not too steep or long hills. Started out going up the gentle grade, so the last half was at a decline.

Saw a beautiful deep red golden retriever taking an early morning stroll with her daddy as I was finishing.
rubysoho2012-05-08 13:26:31 +0000 #2
Sounds lovely, Selkie!

Went out for my second ever 5k this morning (a portion on the W&OD near Reston). I haven't run since Thanksgiving and haven't done this distance since the 5k I ran in September. It went better than I expected and mentally this race was easier than the last. No idea what my time was but it was definitely about the same as my race in September - which I made effort to train for. Yay!

I'll be settling in to "bike mode" until June when I have my 150 mile ride so running won't be a priority but I'm hoping to participate in my first triathlon next Fall which means running won't be ignored either.
skhill2012-05-08 13:25:19 +0000 #3
The 5 mile race I was thinking of doing today is about to start, but I'm sitting at the computer instead. It's warm, nearly 50F, but the wind's up around 30 mph, and that wouldn't be fun at all.

This morning I did take my dog for a little run-- just a mile. It's only the second time we've tried it, and she's not sure about this yet. She keeps getting spooked by this person running there behind her. And her running style is a doggy one-- she likes to sprint, then stop to sniff/pee/whatever, then sprint again. We'll figure it out.
SadieKate2012-05-08 13:47:23 +0000 #4

I mentally can't start my winter-only running program unless there's snow on the trails. Freaky warm and dry means I'm still out riding and coming home dusty yet my once a year running event is looming nearer and nearer.

Not to mention we need the snow for the fishies, etc.
Bike Chick2012-05-08 14:33:42 +0000 #5
It's freaky warm here too. It was 55 yesterday and we got a 19 mile bike ride in--and weren't in long underwear! That's unheard of on New Year's Eve but I will take it. It felt great to be outside on the bike. It was a little cooler today and the wind is wicked but I ran 8 miles this afternoon. It's the longest run I've done in 3 weeks and the physical therapy and rest have paid off. The hip is feeling much better and I think I will be able to finish the marathon next week. It will take me longer than I had planned but I will finish. I asked my PT if he thought I would be able to do the marathon and he told me I would do it because I was a determined person. I responded that it might take me 7 hours to finish and his reply to that was "the majority of people I see don't walk 26 miles in a month; don't be ashamed to say you did it in 7 hours." That really puts it in perspective, doesn't it?
emily_in_nc2012-05-08 14:59:40 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Bike Chick

I responded that it might take me 7 hours to finish and his reply to that was "the majority of people I see don't walk 26 miles in a month; don't be ashamed to say you did it in 7 hours." That really puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

Yes indeed! I think it's just an amazing feat for anyone to finish a marathon (for me, 5 miles would feel like a marathon), so hope you can, and without too much pain. Don't worry about time at all.
GLC19682012-05-08 14:46:07 +0000 #7
Ditto Emily...completing a marathon is always an accomplishment, regardless of speed!

Today my husband and I did 5 miles together. I had very little sleep last night, so I was really dragging at first, but I did ok. He was barely hanging on for the last mile, but it was his first 5 miles ever, so he has a good excuse!

We are both hoping to put in a lot more consistent miles in 2012.
OakLeaf2012-05-08 16:42:57 +0000 #8
BikeChick, so glad you'll be able to run. It looks like you'll have decent weather - sunny and not too windy - on the warm side, but OTOH that means it won't be freezing when you're waiting for the start. Plus, the humidity has been way down all week, and we've got a cool front blowing in tonight which should keep it nice and dry. Good luck!

Back to speedwork for me today, 10 x 1 minute sprints. Been a while since I ran hard, and I was feeling it in my lungs, but I ran the sprints at a consistent 6:30, so that was good.



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