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Toe to heel drop - experiences? Dogmama2012-05-01 23:16
I'm looking at some Saucony's that have an 8mm toe to heel drop. Is the point of this to strike at
Running with the reindeer...December runs! Jolt2012-05-01 00:20
Nobody had started it yet for this month, so I will. Not a very interesting run for me to report to
Treadmill katluvr2012-04-30 19:17
I am looking to purchase a treadmill. Although I despise doing much of my running time on TMs they a
New to running goldfinch2012-04-30 02:22
Back in the mid 1970s I ran a bit, but never got serious about it. I've thought about mixing
Oh! The joy of "running." Grog2012-04-02 16:26
I have been off the running bandwagon for a long time now. When I was first pregnant about a year an
I'll stop whining about the cold now. OakLeaf2012-04-01 16:11
Sick at St. Jude Bike Chick2012-03-30 16:11
I'm so bummed!!! Today is the St. Jude HM and I'm sitting it out because of a nasty cold. My race g
Trotting for Turkey (November Running) Selkie2012-03-26 01:21
Milestone: I'm up to four miles. Having minor piriformis issues, so I'm going to concentrate on
Biking & Running katluvr2012-03-25 04:23
So more than once I have heard that biking will help your running but running does NOT help your bik
26.2 Miles, 45 Sketches OakLeaf2012-03-05 23:22
In case you missed the NYT illustrator live-sketching his run:
Weird Ankle Pain Blueberry2012-03-05 23:16
I'm hoping someone here can offer some insight. I will see a doc, but I'm just wondering now....
Inspiring Video VeganBikeChick2012-03-05 00:24
Just found this video thanks to this month's Runner's World magazine...what an inspiring guy...
one year skhill2012-03-04 22:20
One year ago today was my first run in my VFF bikilas. That day was just one mile, tacked on at the
Runervals 7rider2012-03-04 19:23
Anyone have any experience with doing Runervals DVD workouts on a treadmill? Rants? Raves? Wo
Spooky running - It's October! GLC19682012-03-03 17:16
I wanted to start a new thread for October for two reasons. 1) I've never started the running t
Drew Carey's first marathon ny biker2012-02-26 19:22
Drew Carey (comedian, host of the The Price is Right) ran his first marathon this weekend. ht
couch to 13.1miles walking? evangundy2012-02-20 21:15
I have seen (and used) the couch to 5K program for running - is there an equivalent training plan fo
need a shoe solution... rubysoho2012-02-20 04:13
I have been running in a pair of vibrams since late spring/early summer. I really love them. I love
NB Minimus Susan2012-02-19 21:24
Have any of you tried the New Balance Minimus Road? I like the look and the concept of the shoe and
Grandma's or C-U Illinois Marathon? OakLeaf2012-02-16 03:22
Anyone run either one of these? Comments?
Timing a finishing kick OakLeaf2012-02-02 10:13
This is one thing I really feel lost on. How do you know when to take the brakes off and pick u
Seeking Treadmill Recs Selkie2012-01-29 02:23
With winter's potential treacherous pavement conditions in the near future, DH and I are seriously c
How to improve 5K time? luckylilmama2012-01-23 01:14
I did my first 5k the first week of Oct. and my time was 34:08. The course was very hilly and my unc
Clothing opinion jessmarimba2012-01-03 15:12
So the weather - right now - is looking to be kind of nasty for my half marathon this Saturday. Unf
Good (and simple) form cue OakLeaf2012-01-01 17:19
Run tall.: I might add that a lot of peop
how long do shoes last? Fredwina2011-12-26 20:23
Hey all, since I know live two miles from work, I've been hooffing it. been wearing out my "dre
Disney Marathon Bike Chick2011-12-26 16:25
I'm thinking of doing a marathon. I've already done 2 half-marathons, am doing the St. Louis Rock N
Good article on recovery times vs. age OakLeaf2011-12-25 01:14
Let the running season begin! September Running limewave2011-12-09 00:21
It's the beginning of running season (for me anyways). Traditionally, September/October are the last
Shin splints and calf pain bluebug322011-12-03 15:16
I'm primarily a cyclist, but like to do some running in the fall/winter. Even if I start off very sl
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