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Running week of St. Patrick... indigoiis2010-05-01 03:37
Hi all... ran 7.87 today, nice run in the rain with no pain. Yay! Anyone racing today?
Undy 5000 - June 5 - Tacoma WA KnottedYet2010-05-01 05:14
Running barefoot not daring enough for you? How about running a 5k in your underwear? Event
'West Seattle Runner' opening soon!! XMcShiftersonX2010-05-01 02:58
Hey Northwest Ladies - My sister Lori and her husband Tim are opening the only running specialty
Running Skorts Aggie_Ama2010-05-01 01:46
I am going to buy something to wear for my half marathon (I think I earned it). I recently discovere
First foot event - 5 km e.e.cummings2010-05-01 03:18
I plan to take part in my first event on Sunday. Any tips? Absolute first timer here. Kind of food t
Race Report: Mercer Island Half-Marathon KnottedYet2010-05-01 02:07
PIGTAIL!!! I've never been one before! I feel so... honored. "I'd like to thank the acade
First Ever Race Report fatbottomedgurl2010-05-01 02:41
Gearing up for some tris this season and ran in the Great Race of Agoura 10k this morning! Only the
Pineland Trail running festival indigoiis2010-05-01 01:27
Anyone? I am thinking of doing this, but DH wants to stay home (doesn't want to have to pay a farm s
Running: First Week of Spring Aggie_Ama2010-05-01 02:09
Or fall if you are in the southern hemisphere. I did an extremely hilly 8 miler, last long ru
Distance or Speed first? TsPoet2010-05-01 01:46
I'm overweight and always hated running. I went to Vibrams (see MDHillSlug's thread) and can't help
Run For Suicide Prevention.... a thought... hammertime2010-05-01 01:44
I would love to hold this race. I had a brother who sadly committed suicide when he was 19yo , I w
First Half Marathon Race Report Aggie_Ama2010-05-01 01:15
My first half marathon is in the books and was a great experience overall. I finished at 2:34 which
... and another first half marathon RR skhill2010-05-01 01:53
When the alarm went off this morning, I had a moment of "why the heck did I need to get up at 5am" a
I think I jumped on the crazy train! Aggie_Ama2010-05-01 05:31
I got the local active email and saw the Xterra Trail Run series is starting and now I want to do it
Running after the Easter Bunny katluvr2010-05-01 06:27
Ok, sorry about the thread title, but Easter is this weekend...right? I can't believe I am being
First race of 2010 spindizzy2010-05-01 03:17
Harry Rosen 8k...a humbling race 44:24, 5:44 pace (that's km!) Next year I'm going to lie and s
The End of my Running Career Horsey Butt Style SadieKate2010-05-01 04:25
First, the contributors to its demise: -- Yellow, uber friend and coach -- Shannah Werner of PEA
Not built for running... Catrin2010-05-01 03:54
Reading all of these posts on running is very interesting. I've decided that I am just not "built" f
74-year-old going for her 100th marathon OakLeaf2010-05-01 02:42
And she never ran until she was 49.
For all you crazy runners... crazycanuck2010-05-01 02:09
I saw this in the Independent today and thought..... .
taping foot and "barefoot" running TsPoet2010-05-01 03:51
After a lifetime of hating running, I'm addicted and can't stop - due, I think to my VFFs. I've dev
Shoot me now.... snapdragen2010-05-01 01:47
I've been training for a half marathon, today was our longest day ever. We did 12 miles, and boy do
Trail vs Pavement vs Dreadmill TsPoet2010-05-01 01:15
(indigoiis - sorry for stealing the dreadmill designation, but I love it!) Amanda asked about g
Running and Weight Gain! Bike Chick2010-05-01 01:23
I have been training since January for a May 1 half-marathon. I joined WW the month before I began
Last run before trail 5K? Becky2010-05-01 00:44
I'm running a trail 5K this weekend. I'm happy to be healthy enough to comfortably run anything rig
Hydration study OakLeaf2010-05-01 00:30
I thought this was interesting.
Barefoot Running MDHillSlug2010-05-01 00:15
A recent thread here about beginning running has drifted into a thread about barefoot running. I thi
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. A memoir. (Murakami, 2008) Grog2010-05-01 00:11,BottomRight,-16,34_AA300_SH20_
A Fool and her running - week of April 7 OakLeaf2010-05-01 02:21
I guess if I want to post today's run I have to start the thread. I was planning on 20, but m
Do I even attempt it? drdwin2010-05-01 03:39
A very dear friend of mine for nearly 30 years just emailed me a note telling me she would be in the
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