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Like how to select a good goalkeeper gloves

zjx79150132010-02-20 06:11:25 +0000 #1 =% CA% D8% C3% C5% D4% B1% CA % D6% CC% D7 This is TaoBao! To one able to understand to what the next brother, I picked a good vice! Or tell me how to choose! Thank you, little brother a few minutes!
66598aa2010-02-20 06:24:29 +0000 #2
main two factors, one slip, the general selling gloves, place the ball certainly sell, you can wear after the ball to try to see if can grasp very firmly; the second is to protect the role, do not pick too thick, as long as you can somewhat flexible, but must bring the kind of wrist, as gatekeeper when the wrist joint is very vulnerable to injuries.

And then consider the price, the team logo and the like. Generally do not have to buy good, because the gloves are quickly consumed.

If a goalkeeper used to oppress the other forwards through the attack mentality, you can consider using the system, leather gloves, leather gloves are usually hard than soft foam plastic gloves can be more protection for goalkeepers, while the protection of gloves, strong will attack increases when the goalkeeper's confidence.

Foam gloves relatively soft and not as friction system, leather gloves, but because of relatively soft, ball feels more real, if it is really kind of feel the ball very good, very dependent on hand-ball in the goalkeeper, you can consider this species.

As for the glove thickness, often after the goalkeeper himself tried different according to their personal habits to select, and affect the feel thick, too thin, the ... easy to hand hurts ...

had better go to professional sporting goods store. nike expensive .. 699 Adi be too expensive. However, good quality, but the quality of sporting goods stores as good as more expensive.

Selection of goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper's hand a long look at requirements. And then there is a good amount of pick No. 4681012 No.. Hand the longer the greater the number to be elected gloves. 8 were 10 candidates in general. If you are doing what everyone will see a corresponding number of hands the number of centimeters long.
wmxdyyqs3212010-02-20 06:27:07 +0000 #3



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