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Qiujiao mid-2010 to buy votes in the National Security Issues

bluemas2010-02-21 01:11:29 +0000 #1
What time does start selling? Public bodies can only buy it? There are net purchases do? How much? What (last year have to be ID card)?

Please pointing about ---
daiselina2010-02-21 01:19:41 +0000 #2
time is usually next year's Ersan Yue copies, take a look at last season's package of 260 million do not know if this season will up, in public bodies and Fengtai 2 stadiums and queuing can be, the documents are identity cards and a copy of one, as well as 2 inch photos

specific details can be found at official website inquiries:

in the news, as well as ticket that would be published in a timely manner

or directly to the public body can ask

This is the last season ticket situation

You can refer to
dengxixihuan2010-02-21 01:51:41 +0000 #3
national security of this rogue team could not see the ball?
Swordsman large bills2010-02-21 02:05:44 +0000 #4
my Changsha, Super basic Unseen, Changsha Jinde's Long Stadium, often Trustee of the ticket delivery. Came and asked you not to give you one. It has come to live with it. . . .



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