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fm07 what is the use of the holiday?

hanyangt012010-02-21 07:11:11 +0000 #1

crosswu2010-02-21 07:19:48 +0000 #2
is equivalent to watching video when fast-forward, only to say the least part of the upstairs, one can skip you do not want to play the game, and one can skip the whole season, as long as you set a good time, and set a good coach who is going to take it for you (usually an assistant coach, you can choose your clubs inside the other coaches, as you like) then a short while you can kick down a whole season of the .

Online has a cattle people play this game to a game in 2149, he sometimes holiday letting an assistant coach to play games, or playing a pick one game in 2149, then how much time is nearly ah!

He is the International Milan, you can go to Baidu search above, click

more to say, Oh, when you can buy one without first bid, buy when there is a drop-down option, is to ask offer, they will tell you that one of their psychology offer, you can refer to this, the general of his mind with this quote about, of course, you can give it a little bit of slightly lower

Competition results based on your assistant coach the capacity of decision, of course, there are elements of luck, but if you are a strong team, then the basic listing is no problem. Believe me, I used to buy Manchester United, when K God, with partner Wayne Rooney, had a season-degree false, assistant coach to help me win a directly.

On the sale of people who do not help, but you can set up prior to the sale of the resort's option, that is, when you are on vacation can be set, if speak, Wayne Rooney, you can set in your holiday inside the period, there are other teams bid to reach 100 million of time, then automatically agreed to sell him Rooney. Is this meant, of course, you can choose to reject all bids, so if the time on your vacation inside, your team would not have personnel changes, to avoid the end of your vacation to come back have been found in the core of the situation bought up .

On the upstairs, and you played no ah, the player to reach 99 years of age is not increased by the time the second year there is a certain degree of probability back to 14 years old, it is common sense bar

About Buy people that, when buying a drop-down option, you can not bid first, first asking about the price, you first ask about price, he will give you one of his psychological price, you can refer to it.
ZOUYOUNG2010-02-21 07:24:29 +0000 #3
skip unwilling to play the game, assistant coach will be for you the command match



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