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If you are a coach or a Lionel Messi Drogba would you choose?? Can only choose one

420,280,3962010-02-21 08:10:47 +0000 #1

lv_dong19852010-02-21 08:25:32 +0000 #2
I Laishuiliangju Bar ----

a lot of people choose Messi, I think not! !

In fact, this problem is to look at my coach and that team situation to be, first of all the technical characteristics of the two of them different, unique styles it, Macy? His body flexibility is good, breaking a great capability, young and promising, but Drogba is a typical column-center, excellent physical fitness, good running, back is difficult to defend.

If I coached the team to play 433, you are in Barcelona, for example, and I definitely would choose Messi, and the powerful backing of midfield, winger Lionel Messi in the absolute position of its capability to play, if I coached the team to play 442 4231, or if, like Inter Milan, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid .... and so on, I would choose Drogba, the team rely on two wings to attack, but at this time Drogba useful than Messi , and Didier Drogba's header capacity extremely well, in the Premiership is notoriously, and Warcraft has always been the top defender's nightmare, because he does not in fancy ball movement is known, but in cheetah-like speed, Like a lion's body will be vigorous defensive player is far behind them, are very practical. Excellent front of the sense of smell, and decisive finishing touches, and the other in a good goalkeeper could not do anything ...

Of course, the coach if it is me, this is how my mind

Louzhu see, we share the next bar ---- ---
n1ceone2010-02-21 08:24:56 +0000 #3
Macy! Young, and dynamic, able to score it can control the game.
Philip A2010-02-21 08:51:42 +0000 #4
I would choose Messi. Messi young, the speed, the skill, the bigger picture is also strong. More importantly, even with the Massey team spirit, this is a very important point.
Samtic2010-02-21 09:15:53 +0000 #5
both in terms of age, ability, or appearance, are selected Messi. Also young and outstanding abilities, but also cool-looking.
liujian_07302010-02-21 09:03:53 +0000 #6
Drogba, I like rough men
kyky_cnm2010-02-21 11:13:01 +0000 #7
Massey young! ! Can play a good few years it! !

If you like the young Messi Drogba and one where we must think of the
anet1y2010-02-21 09:59:07 +0000 #8
I would choose Drogba, Didier Drogba and physically strong, technology delicate, in front of sensitive sense of smell is a very good site-style play The center, can create opportunities for their own ball and can lead attack.

I said, why not vote for the next Lionel Messi. Messi must first be recognized is a once-a-century genius-type player, but he also has weaknesses, they are physically thin, there is an important place is that, if elected Messi, it means that an entire midfield behind him to be for him with good, Even though he is the main attack point of Barcelona, but you look behind him for his passing is Barcelona's Xavi and Iniesta are now attacking the heart of the reason for Messi in Argentina team The reason is that goals can not be repeatedly asked him to Argentina to create his own offense to move the ball when the opportunity is that many, often the support of his midfield at times is not enough, so I practiced I would choose if the main Drogba.

One of the words of Kazakhstan, to answer the following error spray! !
Swordsman large bills2010-02-21 11:45:32 +0000 #9
There is no doubt that Messi, whether it is the current capacity of the two control of the game, from dribbling and outstanding, or future development, after a 30 Didier Drogba and just 23 Messi, are not a grade, I chose Lionel Messi.

Another: Drogba is not a rough man, is the rough beast, and do not put words into a wild magic word.
heilinpu2010-02-21 10:36:25 +0000 #10
Lionel Messi.

Young, and can be life long.

Can play multiple positions, either their own score and can create scoring opportunities for teammates, with Messi in, you can make an inventory of a team's offense, the team brings a comprehensive upgrade.

But Drogba is the traditional sense of the center, the availability of a lot lower than Messi.

It can be said: There is no absolutely no power of Macy's Didier Drogba has Macy's Didier Drogba strong.

But not Drogba's Lionel Messi is still that strong elegant Macy's.
westhambayern2010-02-21 11:14:08 +0000 #11
According to the team selection, but the team to deal with a much higher level than I have both technical and physically, I'll select Macy good ... ...
wfsuccess2010-02-21 10:03:08 +0000 #12
Lionel Messi
arctany2010-02-21 11:24:45 +0000 #13
Drogba to see Mei the West in the national team's performance, if I were coach Lionel Messi will not suited to my team style of football is after all a team sport; while Drogba a high center of this less and less effective, and ... ... sad!
I was sepsis2010-02-21 13:49:57 +0000 #14
of course, Messi, Messi attack because larger, you can winger cut inside the ball, passing in the can. Been double-teamed, then also can be divided into the ball. But Drogba is a person who can change the game. But he can play forward. And some more attack power, or Messi.



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