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AC Milan's Ronaldinho can play do?

he2003com2010-01-20 16:01:44 +0000 #1
AC Milan's Ronaldinho can play do? Sina's ultimate injury-hit question mark what is it?
ming_t2010-01-20 16:15:56 +0000 #2
Ronaldinho seems to be contradictory and coaches, so the bench.
00GUNDAM2010-01-20 16:32:08 +0000 #3
Ronaldinho fever, and the possibility of playing without Ronaldinho is not high

another AC game play much better but you can see his tactical position
angel_sun2010-01-20 17:14:54 +0000 #4
estimates are not able to field, there may be hurt in the body.
liangsong_i0gcr2010-01-20 17:45:34 +0000 #5
talk to retire



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