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Miao Love Snowman2010-01-20 17:01:40 +0000 #1
Juventus fans why the tube is called Tini?
Hades Hades2010-01-20 17:14:51 +0000 #2
is the Juve fans called

JUVENTINO (Italian Juventus fans, singular)

JUVENTINI (Italian Juventus fans, plural)

Juventina (on behalf of women Juve fans)

JUVENTINO is like Ewing people, mostly Juventus fans refer, of course, sometimes also referred to Juve in people, such as Juve's management or staff.

TINO is a suffix of. Italian, all nouns can be added back some suffix to indicate that this term describes it. But after the term represents a small increase TINO term. RAGAZZATINO example, is a small girl mean. JUVENTINO literal translation so Juventus is a little to come out of Juve Juve fans, or the meaning of the staff.

also mention one: Inter Milan fans, is abbreviated in Lazu years, in Italian it is black - the meaning of blue, representing Inter Milan jersey color. and we Juve fans, the name of the source of fundamentally different ways



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