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mikemike1233212010-02-21 21:11:22 +0000 #1
tell me a few football extraordinary way, the more flowers the better, in order to like Cristiano Ronaldo, the best there is video, not the ordinary kind of spike must be the kind of fancy (with a video), thanks!
66598aa2010-02-21 21:13:50 +0000 #2
Soccer extraordinary skills:

spike extraordinary is characterized by a sudden movement, changing speed and direction of the game, often used in the road suddenly, get rid of opponents.

d. Pick the ball extraordinary: It is with the instep of the bladder toe ball area. Contact area protrudes from the top of the ball lower, and suddenly moved forward and to provoke, so that the ball from the opponent Shence or head over, dribbling were quick to follow up with the ball.

Pick the ball is characterized by hitting the ball directly behind each other to make it easy to turn around. Do not pick too high in general, or other easily intercepted.

(6) How to use the dribble technique extraordinary,

a. the use of force extraordinary speed: the fast ball were pushed aside by a sudden and rapid run with the ball across the opponent's blocking method. This method must be empty when opponents have more behind, and no other defender or any other defender bit hard to fill.

b. the use of extraordinary force of the body cover: When the ball is similar to rivals slowed down, sideways Kaozhu opponents in order to set aside the other side of the ball foot, while turning an opponent leaning behind. This approach either the ball players have the ability Yi Zhu opponent without being crowded each other to open the second is control the ball away from opponents - the side of the ball so that it can not Extends foot touch
; three rivals in the resist the focus must not be lost, otherwise, once the opponent out of the way that they would lose balance.

c. The use of variable-speed dribble extraordinary; the use of dribbling speed of change, to get rid of opponents purposes. Sometimes suddenly stop protrusions cast off opponents, but must be able to dribble the ball well and their own body, so that the ball with the people to come, people go with the ball.

d. Chuandang extraordinary use of the ball: When the opponent from the front block away from the more recent and larger opening legs, dribble dribble sideways near the opponent can seize the opportunity to push the ball between the legs from a rival set aside the past, over the side of the body from the defender. This extraordinary approach can sometimes receive the Most Effective. When the defender is not opened legs, it can

use of false moves to lure a defender, and then the ball Chuandang by.

e. People who pass the ball points: This method is mainly focused on the use of a defender on the ball, and mistakenly think we can touch the ball, and when the defender out of foot challenge for the ball when dribbling the ball were the first to push appropriated for the front, and quickly from the defender's; the other - side of the more used to control the ball, defenders because of the focus movement, like turning looting has been very difficult to recover. If the use of pushing the ball, "rub" method, rub out the curve ball, the more conducive to dribble the ball after extraordinary person.

f. Dribble fake extraordinary, this method is exploited dribble legs, upper body, head shaking, let rivals and illusions and make a challenge for the ball moves, so that the body out of balance, dribbling from those who seize the opportunity to the other direction over the opponent.

In the game, dribbling many ways extraordinary, and only skilled and competent in the above-mentioned methods and a variety of dribble moves, and pay attention to the following factors in order to race in a better position to complete the extraordinary.

(a) to observe the adversary to determine their own position taken by the extraordinary way.

(b) control is better than one time. The timing of extraordinary spot defender according to the circumstances of the case, when the speed dribble when they should close the distance from the opponent when you do extraordinary action, otherwise the opponent will have time to turn the ball starting to catch up.

Master is better than man-hours distance. In addition to using extraordinary force speed, other methods should be a big step away from the opponent places, so that although opponents can barely touch the ball, but will not precede those who dribble. In addition, such a distance easily dribble in the center of gravity to make moves to make defenders across the imbalance between the rivals.

4. Dribble in the easy problems

(1) The eyes can only stare at the ball (bow), can not always observe the ground conditions (mainly poor and accustomed to bow their heads ball) caused by the narrow field of vision. Should learn to use peripheral vision to observe the eye, or with their feet to "feel" the ball, so put the eye to "liberate" them.

(2) The rigid body movements affect the ease of coordination, resulting in an inappropriate ball, ball, when the result is often excessive force. The reasons are mostly unfamiliar dribbling techniques, ideas tension, resulting in movement errors.

(3) the use of unreasonable dribbling techniques, resulting in dribbling mistakes. Such as high speed transport usually used inside foot dribble to the right turn to use the instep feet inside the front or the right foot, left foot outside the instep, etc. for beginners easy to produce these errors.

(4), when the pace dribble too large, the high center of gravity can not be arbitrarily ball, ball.

(5) As the ball position is not appropriate when you dribble the ball by dribbling the intentions can not be run.

(6) the ball too far away from the dribble who can not be arbitrary or control of the ball contact.

Above-mentioned problems have occurred within the beginner stage, along with practice time and practice to increase the number of these problems will gradually be resolved.

5. Practice Methods

for beginners' first necessary to understand and master a variety of dribble method, first in the absence of confrontation, under the conditions of slow practice.

(1) were used in walking and jogging feet foot inside of the front feet, feet outside the dribble, dribble the direction of a straight line to pay attention to standardization movement.

(2) feet inside of feet inside the outside the instep along the circle line of obedient, counterclockwise dribbling practice, pay attention to the use of reasonable methods of dribbling left and right feet used interchangeably.

Video: / show/SCC_YzHeNe8gVa7l.html .cn/b/3786106-1295731523.html

http:/ /
mol52010-02-21 21:45:07 +0000 #3
go to web search bar, "30 Feint Football extraordinary and Technology" B5% E7% CA% D3 / [% CC% E5% D3% FD% BD% DA% C4% BF] /% A1% BA% C2% CC% D2% F0% B3% A1% C9% CF% A1% BB /% D7% E3% C7% F2% BD% CC% D1% A7/30% B8% F6% D7% E3% C7% F2% B9% FD% C8% CB% D3% EB% BC% D9% B6% AF% D7% F7% BC% BC% CA% F5 [Blizzard]. rm

guarantee you, I had previously been a feather boy, there are speed, flexibility, that is not technical. Before in class a few dozen folks, never, and now basically had no two individuals Fangbu Zhu's 咱. Learn to play ah learn to a certain extent, to playing the basketball, basketball football extraordinary technology will give you techniques to learn more with less. The wait for you to play 1-2 years after the profound experience, of course, I'm an amateur, if you regularly practice, often play, or else in a year you are a big improvement

the last to say that your points are too few .



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