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The selected Chinese soccer team seeking ethnic Xinjiang Guoqing teenager Details

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wood heat Ahmat River. Mozha Pa, Xinjiang Kashi people, in January 1991 health. Shandong Luneng in 2004 into the football school, named U18 youth national team in 2009. During the school in the Luneng foot, wood heat Ahmat has won the 2005 National U15 championship in 2007, the national U17 championship and the 2009 National U19 league title. As a player in the backcourt, wood heat Ahmat Jiang court defensive aggressive, technical excellence, to play left-back and lumbar two positions.

That wood heat Ahmat River, we can not mention his grandfather and father, because they are Amat football leads the way in. Amat football veteran grandfather in Xinjiang, Amat's father also played for teams in Xinjiang, but no chance to play on the professional league. January 20, Amat's grandfather and his dad have learned from the local media since Xinjiang Amat named the national team. Amat said, "very grateful to grandpa and dad, they have been very supportive to me in my times of difficulties, they have encouraged me. They know I am named after the national team are very pleased that this for me is a good opportunity and they want me to work harder, do not give up. "
the first one striker in early 2010 was born in Xinjiang. January 23, the Chinese national team will be in Shanghai 东亚四强赛 preparation, wood heat Ahmat Mozha Pa Jiang, Peng Xin Li, Tian Wu Lei 4 Guoqing barbarian small direct skip, they will be Gao Jun's new members. The players called the "Amat," small group of Xinjiang into the national team admits that she's very excited, and this is also the family's wishes.

Born on January 14, 1991 has just been raised to buy his 19-year-old birthday, birthday on the day he heard that he might want to enter the national team news, but certainly not all, so despite the heart feel very excited but did not dare tell anyone. Until 20 noon, when the coach informed Amat training on the time, this black guy has finally dared to Xinjiang determined to achieve their dreams, and into the national team had! This is also a new record, becoming the first National Youth team player Uighurs, he now also become the first Uygur striker!

Grandfather and father have all been raised by a family member to buy the player's hopes of infinite hope. Amat home in Kashi, Xinjiang grandfather is football veteran, who have represented the team to play in Xinjiang, and later became a coach, Amat's father had also entered teams in Xinjiang, and has almost Liuyang, but finally gave up to go abroad for family . Although the family has a strong football tradition, but for this piece of professional football Kashi desert, the team that some are too far away. Because of a chance, Luneng enough to come to the school selection, and had just 10 years old Amat brought Weifang, Shandong. Away from home eight years later, the kid in Xinjiang to overcome the language barrier, diet and various different difficulties and eventually covered with Guo Zihao shirt, and with him came to the original group of Shandong, Xinjiang kids, now mostly because of the various because away from professional football.

That the national team, how kind of first impression, most want to tell the people? To hear this question, Amat some shy, "I am really excited, although I had heard a week ago, but coaches do not give me the news one day I can not believe it. I most want to tell grandpa and dad , but I call them the end of training, they had read the newspaper knows. Hei hei. "fierce Guoqing on the 4th floor to the Field Daoshi soft a lot.

Weifang Cup in August last year, when the Amat's Luneng teammates had looked at him with envious eyes of the National Youth jersey he shouted, "Xinjiang Wang, you must enter the national team!" At that time, buy to mention only the national team as a dream. "My greatest wish is to Luneng a team playing football, and then eventually into the national team." This is the first time six months ago Amat face interview to say. Q Dawamat still remember the original pronouncements, Amat smiled, "I really did not think so fast! Although this is only the last training, I know I am now old striker is not small distance, but I went to the national team definitely a good training, study hard. "

Buy to mention you can play multiple positions, he first played in the National Youth lumbar, and later occupied the main left-back position, also can play the left avant-garde. Amat technology, the bigger picture as well as the ability to pass by winger in the National Youth Coach Su Maozhen have been well received, the only possibility is to buy enough to mention the speed inadequate. On its own the same location Ronghao, Amat blunt able to see the team do not have to miss games, "I think Rong Hao played a very good ah, technology is very good, but not to say that Luneng also thought about buying his Mody. "It seems that, for football, especially for the football with their own, he sufficient body center.

Now for the Amat, the fun and excitement has passed, and the rest is training hard in. Into the national team with players in four Guoqing, Wu Lei is the main force in East Asia, the barbarian days in a super-entered the ball, Peng Xin Li has received in the 2008 Super appearance on the opportunity to not only Amat experience of professional teams. Perhaps, he can modify his original dream of the next, advanced Kunitari, and then into the Luneng, by virtue of its own efforts to a new record.

Wood Hot Ahmat Jiang national team later, as mentioned in the Luneng enough to buy school U19 team coach, Fan Xue-wei very happy, he told reporters, "Amat national team, is a full Luneng School U19 team strength be fully affirmed. As a coach, their own national team players can be selected, which is their honor. hope the team can have more players entered the national team, showing Luneng soccer style. "

Amat elected to the National team, reporters connect Guoqing Su Maozhen coach and asked him his views on the matter. Su Maozhen the other end of the excitement and loneliness, "Wood River Hot Ahmat national team, I am very happy for him, which he and Guoqing very good thing for both teams. Into the national team, it can be at a higher Platform exercise; it is enough to school for training young Luneng the results, but also Luneng foot school football Cooperation Strategy and the Xinjiang results. Amat Xinjiang's first national team players, which has created the history of football in Xinjiang; buy Luneng enough to mention schools and youth national team training very seriously, Qing Qing is also invested in the race, the national team is the result of the efforts of his own, will be the development of China's ethnic minority football play an active role in promoting. "

As mentioned to Luneng enough to buy after the school's first coach, Li Gang brought Amat four and a half. Amat heard the news of the national team, Li Gang was very surprised, but then expressed his congratulations to his disciples, "to hear Amat national team, I am very pleased. Amat is very hard very persistent, very good left foot technique , clear-headed. I hope that he can have good performance in the national team it, wish him every success in the national team. "
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played in Shandong Luneng



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