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Yeung announced as the major shareholder in Birmingham: Fan Zhiyi will enter into management

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September 15 News: Hong Kong Hong Feng International Holdings Limited, the second f finance the acquisition of the English Premier League club Birmingham stake in the club now has become the largest shareholders.

Today, at 11 am, at the Swissotel Beijing, Hong Feng International Holdings held a press conference to introduce journalists to acquire the Birmingham situation.

In addition to the domestic media, there are a number of British media also came to the scene of considerable concern to Zhezhi injected Premiership teams will be of Chinese descent and how kind of change.

Hongfeng International boss Yeung, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Yu Huai Ying Xu Hao little time in answering media questions, using English and Cantonese, Putonghua were markedly better, at least show their Premiership team in the management of the time will not be in communication on the problems.

As a Chinese media, the first concern is Mr. Yang Jiacheng acquisition of Birmingham, concerning what can be brought about what the impact of Chinese soccer. Sina Sports first question Mr. Yang Jiacheng, before you purchase, Shao Jiayi was likely to join Birmingham, but his work permit application has failed. Zheng has joined the Celtics, but from the moment England football applications for work permits and the Chinese team's international ranking of view, it is difficult for new players to join English Premier League teams in China, what is your thoughts?

Yeung said: "China has been very strong in sports, is taking off, but in football there is no ideal development, I hope to do something to promote football in China. I look forward to, we all have goals and ideals. We hope to enhance the strength of the team and look forward to in January's transfer market, the introduction of powerful players, the team stabilized, I hope to introduce strong Chinese players, with more help. Zheng He has gone to Celtic, if the opportunity arises, we still have opportunities for cooperation to see the future fate, as Fan Zhiyi will enter our management team. "

Hongfeng International CEO, the future is likely to be the President of the Birmingham Club, Yu Huai Ying added: "I talked Fan Zhiyi, but now the time still early, but also need to arrange. He has a National Games of the work, need to be completed, we will try to let him go to Birmingham to contribute, I believe that he will for the Chinese the contribution of football. "

So what is the future of Fan Zhiyi is a kind of management work? Is the team's coach or the management aspects of working in the club?

Yu Huai-ying, said: "This is also the need to exchange, to understand his current situation, a Premier League teams have a lot of coaches, one team, two teams, three coaches, as well as youth team coach; want to know a good player may not necessarily be a good coach, so we will communicate with him, for his more understanding. He is a star, but more importantly is his success in China and Britain have the experience, which is hard to come by. We are attach importance to him, would give him the chance to develop. "

Hongfeng International in 2007, has conducted an acquisition of Birmingham, there were only received 29.9% of the shares, while the Under this club rose to the Premiership, they start further acquisitions. A British reporter asked, in your first acquisition after the failure, what prompted you to do the second time made an offer?

Yeung said: "We have not failed, but this time want to buy a little more, do not buy finished last, in accordance with the provisions of the United Kingdom, 12 months we can not continue to buy, so we stopped for 12 months. Which is times we need to put forward the intention. "

Hongfeng International executive director Xu Hao slightly, said:" Since the acquisition has not yet fully completed, I can only say that an approximate figure is 960 million Hong Kong dollars. Hongfeng International acquired in 2007 29.9% stake in Birmingham, this Youxiang 2 Birmingham 50% of the total share equity of the shareholders of the offer, opponents have accepted the offer, and sign an agreement. now only wait for September 29, Hongfeng International Holdings shareholders of the company's own internal will confirm, you can confirm the completion of acquisition. has reached 80% of the shares, now we do not know that we will eventually acquire the number of shares, we hope to be able to receive 100% of the Birmingham to holding. "

Why did you choose Birmingham team do?

Yu Huai-ying, said: "Birmingham's population of 1.6 million, while in the vicinity of Birmingham, 20 million Chinese people, they will become the core strength of this team. In addition, in China, tens of thousands of Premiership fans will be an impetus to I believe the fans can give us great support, this is a mutually beneficial program. Birmingham will certainly open soccer schools in China, and also welcomes Chinese football community, the Chinese Football Association sent to us to learn, and inspections. but wait until the team stability After that, we will also have the potential to introduce the Chinese player. "

Yeung said:" I look at the Premiership from 15 years of age, I also like playing football, my greatest desire is to introduce the concept of the Premiership to China, see others how the management of a team. "

a foreign media asked, Birmingham, the future is what kind of position, is not it crazy in the winter will be the acquisition of good players?

Yu Huai-ying, said: "We will step by step introduction, not spending money, it will be successful, but to be responsible, there are plans to introduce the players. Premiership club is a great, and we want to reach the operation and practice of to supplement the staff complement is good, it takes time, it will bring the development of promising players. We do not one day can be made, we must properly. the first step in all of the things we first stabilize the club good deal. the hope of finding some of tomorrow Star, giving him a chance, training opportunities, so that they go to development. "

a press conference after the journalists again, and Yeung, and Yu Huai Ying chatted about the Chinese players to England to play situation. Yeung said the application for labor certification should not be difficult. He also asked about the current situation of Sun Jihai and Dong.

For Shao did not go into Birmingham was concerned, the United Kingdom work permit a better understanding of the applications of Yu Huai-ying, said: "In fact, in Europe, Shao Jiayi's ready for a three-year race is a pity that he represents the Chinese team did not at least 75% of the game, so not be able to apply later. "

Yeung Ka-shing has also repeatedly mentioned in the field hope that the Chinese journalists to help provide potential players news," As long as there is a potential player, we are willing to examine. "

It is reported that Hong Feng International reception team will arrive in Birmingham at the end of October and formally started to receive the team's work. Birmingham, the local overseas Chinese community has taken action to prepare the organization to set up new fans. This is the Chelsea of the Russian capital, the French capital Arsenal, Manchester United of the U.S. capital background, Manchester City have a strong financial support from Arab oil, the Chinese capital for the first time entered the English Premier League team, this is bound to be the world's most successful football league in the stir up new waves.

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may be helpful for Chinese football, and we look forward to it!



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