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Siena, Inter Milan who scored a goal up

dajj12342010-02-23 10:10:53 +0000 #1
Siena over Inter Milan who scored a goal???

3 ball is who gets it? ? ?
TJK61202010-02-23 10:16:14 +0000 #2
first 18 minutes, Maccarone ball near the center line that no one pressed for a breakthrough, and 27 meters in front of the left foot volley into the upper right corner of Division.

The first 36 minutes, Reginaldo right-sided mass in man-mark the Eckedahl no stopping after the point of his left foot, right foot in front of 9 meters at Tuishe Chikazumi score 2 to 2, which he Serie A at sub-balls.

The first 64 minutes, Eckedahl Youlei break forward pass, Reginaldo cut into the restricted area Hui Qiao, Maccarone within 15 meters in front of Tuishe Chikazumi score.
daiselina2010-02-23 10:26:05 +0000 #3
Massimo Maccarone (18 ', 65)

Eckedahl (36')



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