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Barcelona Football Club, formed when?

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1899 Nian 11 29, set up by Swiss Gamber
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18 century Catalonia, Hans • Gamp (Hans Gamper) fans obsessed with another 10 on one at the time was called "football" campaign, their enthusiasm for the sport eventually develop into a prototype of Barcelona football club. When Gamp on November 29, 1899 the formal establishment of the Barcelona football club, he might not have not thought about this move in the history of the stage after a Qi significance.

Catalonia experienced many difficult years, the flag of Barcelona, Catalonia, who represents the desire for freedom, even today, this banner is still connected with their supporters club Zhezhi special bond .

In the 100 years of club history, the club has experienced glory, but also experienced setbacks, we have experienced success, experience failures, they have gone through the formal shape bit by bit we see today in Barcelona Zhezhi unique.

Barcelona is famous for, on the one hand from the club's impressive statistics, more importantly, be called Barcelona, is the world's largest team won the honor. In addition to the International Cup, Barcelona, the club honors collections encompass almost all likely to win the honor. Hundred years the history of the team, the club became champions won the European Cup three Grand Slam team, but also the only one the whole of Europe since 1955 to create a European Champions League were involved in each team since the 1992 European Champions League winner FC Barcelona honor collections are the most precious trophy. In addition, the club has won honors including the European Cup Winners Cup, the European Cup title. Barcelona, of course, not only in European football hoot surprised situation, in Spain the local scenery is also unlimited, especially in honor of the Spanish King's Cup, Barcelona with 24 titles topped the list, so far there is no one team can break the Spanish club Barcelona King's Cup on a record.

Even more noteworthy is the intense competition in the Spanish Liga, Barcelona 16th league title with the club's centenary presented as a gift.

Hans • Gamp

(1908-1909 / / 1910-1913 / / 1917-1919 / / 1921-1923 / / 1924-1925)

Hans • Gamp, Barcelona football club founder, was born in Switzerland, a well-off family, is the eldest son of the home. Hans • Gamp with a young man learned his profession in an extraordinary performance in a variety of sports fields. He himself is an excellent athlete, good at football, swimming, cycling, but his greatest passion was devoted football. In his hometown of Zurich, he formed a Excelsor team, and later assist in the creation of another branch called the Brasilia and Zurich, and the effectiveness of this team. The age of 18 because of his work, Hans • Gamp moved from Zurich, Lyon, and in the local team play.

In 1899, Hans • Gamp went to Barcelona. At that time living in Catalonia love Miri to persuade his uncle to settle in this, which is why we are settled in Barcelona, the club reasons. At that time Hans • Gamp to serve on the Lyon Credit Bank, and Salia railway companies. Prior to the club until he created, Hans • Gamp St. Gervasi has been an amateur team in the play. At the same time, a large group gathered around him like this is not too popular at that time, the relative movement of the people concerned. Finally, in the November 28, 1899 On this day, Hans • Gamp create a football club's dream a reality.

Create the initial stage, Hans • Gamp, and did not intend to as a football club manager, a post until 1908, in order to avoid folding before he took over the office. His first term began in a very dramatic family reunion. December 2, in the Sol Stadium, the former manager of the club Weisen Ke • Craig announced he would leave after 22 days, while the club director Francis • Sens come up with a detailed outline of the club situation, outline the economic and note the community's perspective the club has been at stake. After some of his remarks, it appears the club seems to really imminent dissolution of the crisis. After a deadly silence, a player stood up, called Wallace cried: "Do not revive the club who are willing to stand up and Mody? If so, then he is to support all of our players, and all our team members stand In a person! "In the meantime, has been silent Hans • Gamp stand up and impassioned, said:" Barcelona Football Club, not now, and will not dissolve. if no one intends to remain as manager, a post that From now on, I will be personally served! I am convinced that, even in football also say it is a strange movement, is not recognized by the people when there will be no turning back, like me, who support this campaign. I hope can not forget the shortcomings of doing before, will reduce the gap between me and the club can truly become a part of all of you in to work together through difficult times. now, that people who support me say it out loud! " These words from the mouth of a founder, must have a very a exciting, Henceforth, Hans • Gamp would pour all his experience in his only one goal, the revitalization of the Barcelona club.
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