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Jun-Sheng Wang Jin-off the national team while playing do?

2 Swine2010-01-16 05:21:13 +0000 #1
In domestic football in both brilliant Kunitari player experience, there are good people coaching experience what?
199,804,220,3052010-01-16 05:29:35 +0000 #2
Jun-Sheng Wang, China's sports industry people. Youth football goalkeeper, less than 16-year-old was elected to the Beijing team, and later became the Beijing team goalkeeper, 1973, when he was coach of its year-dimensional Si had elected to the national team. Jun-Sheng Wang Jin-playing career after the end of the work of Beijing Sports Committee. 1992-2000 Jun-Sheng Wang Ren, director of football management center, a full-time party secretary and the Chinese Football Association Vice-Chairman, the Secretary-General. In July 2002, Jun-Sheng Wang from the Chinese Football Association as Chairman of the supervisory board of China Sports Industry.



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