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FIFA online2 I C-Lo 108, and we will have to get the black card, then 2 c Rhode many, many sore righ

Outer Fei Xian2010-02-25 15:10:55 +0000 #1
C is a cancellation or a change in Romanian striker practical re-training low point of it?

A little reluctant, but really want to make money to buy c Lo is wearing them ah! !

Ah you have any suggestions?
Mestiano2010-02-25 15:17:38 +0000 #2
Yuannian That is the game where, at a certain level group had a strong team, many of them are low-cost transfer market to buy a super star, followed by black card thing, the more stars the more costs money, to the final of no return into RMB. Recommends moderation, there must be the bottom line, up to red Dianka, buy 88 get 100W gold to celebrate the players action (buy one get one seems to end), do not two C Luo, one is enough, if the contract Fei Cheng problem to buy a few 100W, anyway, to spend two or three hundred one-time solution, and then told myself no longer buy Dianka, and what is the best hair a swear.

At this time, you will find the team on the one level, and then throwing money at the little need for, and explosion-proof? Silver C Lo? It was the rich play.

And then my experience to give you advice, do not buy any blue card pack green card pack red card package, a little blue card to buy two packages can be fun look, but it is perfectly, your card will not buy it, I have had nearly 100 Primera card which gave me what rubbish, in short, arithmetic mathematical expectation, then league card, red card is definitely lower than directly buying gold coins, green card blue card hard to say.

Of course, not prepared to spend a penny is the best, then my suggestion is to refrain from any black card, which is about 500 teams ability to play your game every day, one day down the ability to be able to team up 100 of the , the black card is only a one-off growth, but so much money and trouble and expensive card renewed, there is no need to envy other people for more than 100 speed, the game player is now the role of capacity has been weakened.
wangyanglao022010-02-25 15:48:55 +0000 #3
I used all the young players need not be so expensive you can add five cards together I use the striker is not expensive Eduardo Garcia Ya Fulan I would recommend you choose Dimaliya because he was in Argentina Star of Hope was born in 1988 is also good potential for further large-capacity, there is one point is to get to the New Year of his birth date is February 14 New Year's Day or Valentine's Day fifia sure to do the activities! Your pursuit of those big names did not use my Casillas 137 and have been replaced rival I do not care about what celebrities are!



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