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Luis Fabiano

Clipper light Qiu2010-01-21 06:01:09 +0000 #1
Please tell us about the heady Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano's career? He only played for a European club Sevilla do?
learning-based2010-01-21 06:17:13 +0000 #2

Luis Fabiano as early as the age of 15 in Brazil the domestic professional league debut. Transfer on several occasions until 1999 to switch to large-scale Sao Paulo. Fabiano began to emerge during the effectiveness of his accurate catch and play the door so that freedom of Sao Paulo, South America's Cup in 2004, received fourth place, since a hit.

During the selection of the Brazilian national football team Luis Fabiano to two goals to help Brazil win the 2004 Americas Cup.

2004 years later, he went to Europe to join Porto, Portugal, Banba, unfortunately, his performance is unsatisfactory, and he was also involved in the mother in 2005, gunmen abducted by the news. This matter has dragged on for nearly two months to be rescued only to end up.

In 2005, he joined the Spanish club Sevilla, by virtue of their goals to help Sevilla in 2006, won the UEFA Cup. Although he has performed exceptionally well, but this year with the Brazilian national team, he failed to attend the 2006 World Cup honors

Sao Paulo

Torneio Rio-São Paulo championship: 2004


European Super Cup Champions: 2006

European Union Cup Champion: 2006,2007

Spanish Super Cup Champion: 2007

Spanish King's Cup Champion: 2007


American Nations Cup Champion: 2004

Confederations Cup Champion: 2009

people Luís Fabiano Clemente

birth date in November 1980 8 Day (1980-11-08) (age 28) Place of Birth Brazil Campinas

1.83 meters tall (6 feet 0 inches)

Club Information

jersey number now belongs Sevilla striker position 10



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