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How the food Emperor Juventus

JIA Peng slightly PubMed2010-02-25 21:11:12 +0000 #1

656.37388 million2010-02-25 21:26:38 +0000 #2
One injury problem is the coaches and players have two contradictory ah
FL0011092010-02-25 21:47:57 +0000 #3
I am also a Juve fan, personally think that the main problem is that high-level Juve. In fact, nobody understands Ewing's high-level ball, people can not look to buy the election nor the level of coaching, and even a doctor make many people do not trust that all this is they are not a result of professional operations. Man I hope I can stick to the "zebra spirit" in support of then-yong, also hope that Juve can come to some really high-level affairs of the.
Haotian to see these2010-02-25 22:07:57 +0000 #4
Unfortunately, very regrettable. Zebra feel the root of the problem or out of the management! Moggi left the Bianconeri will have lost a brilliant commander in chief, the leadership are all mediocrity has become not only the heads of flies!

The first is to build teams thinking problems. Recently forced to downgrade, the Bianconeri determined to take this opportunity to build a local youth army, in order to create an opportunity to rise again. Results? Several years have passed, when it cost-soldier, Paladino, Nuoqielinuo, Chris Chito, who are now all run away; Deqie Li, Qiao arts now hovering between the main and reserve, in addition to kye Lini, Marchisio (his position is still not solid!) than almost all did not succeed in the Juve! To see the national team in Genoa, Palladino, Chris Chito also played well, Ewing top feel? Initially determined to create a youth army, why is promoted to a class and do not give them that opportunity? If these children bear Dayong, why did have to choose to create them? Would be to build a youth army, will also introduce a large number of similar Tiago, Mellberg, half red nor purple, the team would not achieve the level of enhancing the role of quality young players grab the location of ideas to build team is not clear, repeated construction, believers extravagant money and good will in the team? ?

Followed by the signings employing vision problems. Moggi era Juve are never known for deep pockets, but in order to look unique and well-known. Ferrara, Iuliano, Tacchinardi, Gianluca Zambrotta, Mauro Camoranesi. . . . . . These are useful little-known players, the club did not spend some money, but was a one club and national team training has become the backbone; Buffon, Fabio Cannavaro, Zidane, Didier Deschamps these big to come to Juve after their talent to the club no wasted every penny spent. Juventus could now, a lot of investment money is a lot of waste, the past few years bought a bunch of players spend many, not many come in handy. Tiago, Mellberg, who had long been proved to be waste wood; pricier this year, bought Mello, Diego, Amauri is also sorry that their own worth. Juve almost became the world's football transfer market being taken advantage of. In addition to Caceres and Fabio Cannavaro, you see who is the Ewing fairly successful signings in recent years?

The third is coaching. Juve year, management has old fox Moggi, commanding a silver fox Lippi. Lippi people? Can history as the most populace of the Italian team into world champions of people! In addition to his level of Ferguson, Wenger, Capello and a few other people, the world's few coaches can hold a candle to. Ferrara is a good coach seedling, from his play, I can believe his leadership skills and thinking ability, but his experience also too little. Like Mourinho, Luciano Spalletti, Carlo Ancelotti, the new generation of outstanding coaches, all of which had fought years in the second-rate experience of the team after leading the club in the fame, and Ferrara were pushed to the Ewing directly to dump the cusp, the withstand so much pressure on the face of so many names, or to its capability is more difficult for him. Ferrara in the future will certainly be a good coach, but not now. She now needs is a small team in a good temper again a few years. As for the ship such as Juventus, the best way Hiddink was handed over to the old helmsman palm relatively trustworthy.
The Golden Zheke2010-02-25 22:58:25 +0000 #5
lost its fighting spirit



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