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Yigua because He can not enter the national team

Milky Way2010-01-21 06:02:02 +0000 #1
Tevez and stronger than he is not a grade, failing to appreciate that he Is Ma Dashuai
Zezheng2010-01-21 06:16:26 +0000 #2
Why Higuain is difficult no matter how good the performance of selected countries of Argentina Diego Maradona Team do? This is Argentina's national and club within the club a lot of people doubt - we just do not understand why Maradona had been due to good performance in Iraq melons turn a blind eye. Higuain Argentina can not be wearing a shirt because in the end what is it?

In order to clarify this problem, first of all we want to look further back to 2007 in July. That summer, U20 World Youth Championship held in Canada, when he was Argentina's U20 national team coach Tokar had wanted to recruit to participate in the event Higuain, Higuain, he has made with the contact. However, he did not expect to make is that Higuain he actually said "no." Higuain explained that he had been off for two consecutive years did not leave, in order to better develop their own future, he is better off first, and then follow the Real Madrid team to participate in pre-season training camp.

Higuain Real Madrid this decision was the support of the club, but did not receive the other Argentine squad players understood. Higuain in Real Madrid team-mate Fernando Gago and Heinze agree that Higuain arrogant move is Argentina's snub. Argentina and Higuain this the first clash between the occurred.

The next two seasons, Higuain in Real Madrid's performance are some bright spots, he also relied on their own goals as Real Madrid squad, one of the most important players. However, Higuain could not impressed by the wonderful performance of Diego Maradona, because the latter can not forgive him for giving up on behalf of Argentina's youth teams play decisions.

As is the Atletico striker Aguero Maradona's father, who became coach of Argentina in Madrid regulars. In fact, every two months, Maradona will be convened in Madrid in the league to play all the internationals to participate in Argentina's dinner. Gago, Gabriel Heinze, Javier Saviola, Aguero, Maxi, Franco, and Diaz was a guest Maradona, but Higuain had never been invited. Why is this? The answer is only Maradona The people know, but there are rumors that one of the big reason is the Heinze blow to Maradona's "fallen on deaf ears." Higuain in Real Madrid's dressing room very little contact with the Argentine players, but instead very close with the Brazilian players - Marcelo Higuain is a close friend, but also with Robinho and Julio Baptista of the relationship is also good. This makes Heinze, who was very bad mood.

That is not the case. In addition to close outside the Brazilian players in Argentina, China, Higuain was seen on many occasions with the French national team, "flirt." 22 years ago, Higuain was born in Brest, France, so he was eligible for selection both Argentina and also can represent the French team to play. In fact, in November 2007, the French coach Raymond Domenech once with Higuain and his father's meeting to try to convince Higuain to participate in France. However, Higuain's answer was simply: "I am grateful to the French team's good intentions, but I just want to play on behalf of Argentina." Nevertheless, a number of Argentines still believe that this meeting was Higuain approached the French team in a proof of . In the Argentine there is no background, Higuain and therefore paid a great price.

Then, in the next few months what will happen? The only answer Maradona can tell. However, be sure, Higuain still selected Argentina is full of desire. August 10, Higuain and Maradona in Madrid's Barajas International Airport, meet by chance. This is the first between the two men met. In Higuain It seems that this encounter the right moment, because he was Real Madrid and Washington, DC United's two goals scored in friendlies. At the meeting, Maradona melons because of the good condition of Iraq to acknowledge, the latter expressed his thanks to the former, while the former have expressed hope that at any time selected for Argentina's wishes. Clearly, Higuain to Diego Maradona left a good impression, but to recruit Higuain, Argentina's Diego Maradona still have to convince a number of heavyweight players such as Gabriel Heinze, Gago and Aguero After all, the Argentineans, the refusal to call the national team is an incomprehensible thing.

That is also the protagonist of the event how to say it? In public, Maradona has always said Higuain, and, like other players, to fight for their own on the pitch at the national team position. The firm also said Higuain, Real Madrid, he would make every effort to be successful at the same time strive for selected Argentina. Reporter Higuain and the relationship between the specific call Maradona Higuain's father, Pipa - Higuain, who appeared very calm about the matter, the only worry is that the pressure on his son, as Diego Maradona's call, Pipa think it will come sooner or later: "There is no need tension. If Gonzalo (Higuain) to continue their efforts, he eventually will be Argentina's national team award."

now , although the Argentine domestic Some people think that Real Madrid Higuain love better than love of the Argentine national team, but it was suggested that the best solution is to Diego Maradona and Higuain to arrange a formal meeting. Higuain accepted that argument, but he thinks the first step - request a formal meeting with Diego Maradona - who should not be him, because that will only make things worse. Higuain hope this debate will end soon, and then he can also be selected Argentina as soon as possible. Because, although born in France, but Higuain feel that they are 100% of the Argentines, he only imagine that the year is now the head coach Diego Maradona has done, is proud to put on Argentina's blue and white jersey.
Zucai non-Chinese can not be2010-01-21 06:44:50 +0000 #3
First of all, Higuain have a certain strength, but not the traditional type of center, he was a great range of activities in the field. Real Madrid's goals in his mostly sports station into the. However, engage in mobile warfare with Lionel Messi and Aguero geometric up Higuain not as good, he is relatively tall, speed and technology are not advantages, if you need to center, he has not butty and Hernan Crespo as the type, so Argentina currently has no his place.

Besides, now that Argentina coach Diego Maradona, he is a very self-absorbed person, who likes that he would be much appreciated, not like the people on the nose. From his employer can see that he still likes small spiritual attack players, obviously nothing Higuain his eyes.

Untimely ah!

And Lou Zhu said he was stronger than that Tevez is more than one grade, this is too one-sided.



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