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Sit study friends, are now easily the bar!

JIA Peng slightly PubMed2010-02-25 22:10:41 +0000 #1

iam US Ling Ge2010-02-25 22:13:57 +0000 #2
English too bad not too easy! Difficulty,!

2010 Graduate English proposition Group:

at 17 o'clock on January 9, 2010, was devastated by the whole nation earthquake grief! Majority of candidates referred to as one's whole life has been the most difficult exam in 2010 Articles by English, with iron has once again proved Articles by English, the topic and style of a drastic change, proof of Proposition Group has successfully emerged from the teachers and students of the Articles by the law of the original English test summary prove that the candidates have been long regarded as a generation to review the basic principles of pro forma, "真题 universal theory" of the complete bankruptcy. Articles by English, reflects the difficulty of the leap from quantitative change to qualitative change, revealing Articles by English, rather than the IQ test is the emotional intelligence of this new nature, created a "political not review and review of the same as English and did not review the review of the Like "This representation of the theory, indicating that" the Ministry of Education told you to go home to eat hot pot "will be difficult to erase the majority of candidates in mind the haze. To a certain extent in the future for a long period of time, on China's catering industry, adversely affect the pot. Originally in English will enable a large number of dedicated citizens to fall into the cause of the escape of English-based fear and confidence in the institutions of the English language training crisis.

Looking back on the landmark 2010 Articles by English exam, Chung colleagues issued a mix of heart, the deepest humiliation and grievances of the last vestiges of crying, "the revolution has yet to succeed in English will ever give up"! Have always focussed on poetry, deep silence -

issued under the examination paper is being Xin Liang, a tense, forgot all words, deja vu, where meaning is unknown. End Type sort two and fog, to see to read, tears 1000 line. Leaving the examination room classmate, are the same, very hurt, so results discredited see father and mother. Ming list of successful candidates are just waiting for day, received a noose, the Department of beam.

CPC Central Committee and State Council decided to grant the Ministry of Education Examination Center 2010 Graduate English proposition Group "heroic model groups" title hopes proposition Group comrades thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, student-oriented, a problem a tricky question. Make persistent efforts to go further!

Of the State Council General Office of CPC Central Committee General Office of



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