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Roma seek non-peak time lineup

qazqwe_12010-02-25 22:11:06 +0000 #1
write on the bench at best indication
Bi-yu Millennium2010-02-25 22:22:26 +0000 #2

Hou Weipa Nucci Juan Meikesituo Neto (and later Riise)

lumbar Rohe Xipisaluo

midfielder towers on behalf of the Yipeiluota Mancini (and later mene, Vucinic)

Ying Feng Totti

This lineup is not genuine top center Totti played in the most pre-post-series and organizing role row Peiluotaman Qi Nita Daei lumbar and back and even more frequently planted offensive guard Tony Neto left winger position, often to the top
Jiang Shuai every day2010-02-25 22:54:36 +0000 #3
to the Baidu search



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