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Zhengjieyanzi Why demolition of the

PlainCake2010-02-26 00:11:16 +0000 #1

bigzhuyi2010-02-26 00:16:43 +0000 #2
mainly because of Zheng's singles enough ability to get good results, while Yan Zi's doubles capacity to more prominent, the results of the two would split the. . .


almost every Grand Slam event before the start of the Chinese fans will be expected sights Zheng Jie / Yan Zi This is the "Chuanmei Zi," because they were once the world's one of the best doubles partner; however From now on, let's customary "phrase" pull down the right - is Zheng Jie Zheng Jie, Yan Zi Yan Zi yes. From this year's Australian Open start, they each found a new partner, a former "Golden Combination" In this connection Laoyanfenfei. They are like two radiation burst at the intersection of the moment out of bright sparks, but it would nonetheless be one of Ben ... ...

once: one year two wins Grand Slam

Zheng Jie and Yan Zi of friendship can be traced back two 6 When the age of seven, along with hard training sessions in tears, along with the time to eat snacks after school. Along the way, two people in daily life has not only accumulated a deep friendship, but also cultivate a rare agreement. We all know, tacit understanding is that the best doubles players sharp weapons. Zheng Jie Although small in stature, but running really well, the bottom line faster placement of the ball is tricky backhand with both hands; and Yan Zi tall slender, responsive, at the net with a strong ability to close up. The two styles complement each other, coupled with the tacit understanding that others can not match, making their results are not prominent in the singles when obstinately played doubles piece of heaven. Starting in 2005 an official expedition WTA arena, they are a total of 19 finals, winning 11 titles. Especially in the most brilliant in 2006, the two together to win the Australian Open and Wimbledon, including two Grand Slam titles, including six, while in 2008 two more co-operation to win the bronze medal in Beijing Olympic Games. In the doubles rankings, both of them once the third and fourth highest in the world.

Now: the cause of the focus is not "synchronized"

on a brilliant career both in the "honeymoon period", the Chinese women in 2009 introduced the "solo" policy, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi were placed at the same time professional track, the pace of the results of the two inevitably distanced themselves. Prior to this, Chinese women's doubles is the "fist project" is a Chinese expedition Grand Slam player a "breach";, but solo, the ranking for economic and practical considerations, players will naturally singles as a center of gravity. A result, the ability Zheng prominent singles, she played in 2009, wind and water, in the event of injury, she had once reached a world ranking No. 15; and Yan Zi's singles record was set aside in a matter of depressing decline line, once for 10 consecutive months in the singles arena difficult to get a win ... ... "One left, one right," and using these words to describe the trend of the sister flowers is really not an exaggeration. When Yan Zi Lian WTA tournament qualifiers were all excluded from participation, the two men in the selection event when the bias is bound to happen. For example: after the end of last year's French Open, the two had to "separate travel", a grassland with no warm-up match, until the rush on the court before Wimbledon began to meet in. From the shadowing to temporary Minato right, two "by a tacit agreement to eat," the advantages no longer exist. In 2009, this Golden Flower in the doubles arena failed to win a championship title split has become the inevitable result.

In the future: the road no sympathy for the same

"The new season of my goals and did not double-scoring singles and made it clear, I still want to dual operations, we have achieved good results", which is Zheng Jie in the eyes of the 2010 season, we can see that she was "greedy"; In contrast, Yan Zi's goals are much more realistic: "My singles world rankings have dropped out of 300, and I played some more singles, the rankings that less than 200" . Now Zheng Jie, in the WTA event can be a seed inside, while Yan Zi was only in the low a level hard were removed from the ITF venue. She even revealed that, in order to participate in ITF competitions, she had not even the current Australian do not want to participate. So it can be foreseen, at least in this season, both on the court to "meet" the opportunities would be minimal. Living together at the same time from more than two and likely to become rivals. The current Australian of the draw came out, people exclaim - If Zheng Jie and Yan Zi were successful with their respective partner promotions, the two will be quitting in the third round. From one eye will be able to understand each other think, intimate partner, relative to the following network rivals, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi in 2010 to address this a bit cruel transformation. However, as Zheng Jie said, "We are together for nearly 20 years, compared with their parents even close, this emotion is not to cause change." 1:00 opponent, a lifetime friend, it is Zheng Jie and Yan Zi in the future positioning. (Source: "Shenzhen Daily")
ksingsk2010-02-26 00:23:31 +0000 #3
to win
flamboyant _-hyun2010-02-26 01:08:16 +0000 #4
demolition to be able to ensure that a person win -



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