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Argentina and Brazil

one person2010-01-21 07:01:44 +0000 #1
Argentina lost to Brazil, went so far as 1:3, to help analyze the reasons for the failure of Argentina, thank you
eating abalone shell ear 882010-01-21 07:05:44 +0000 #2
From the game point of view, the reserve forces than that of Brazil, Argentina, Brazil, Tai Law \ Ronaldo \ ard, have no access, while Argentina's Juan Sebastian Veron still use \ Zanetti, which is illustrative. butty \ Crespo, the Argentine has had no one world-class super-class striker, Lionel Messi is not a typical No. 9, siege Walled Dad were markedly inferior to pati \ Crespo; is not a typical No. 10, as a core organizational capabilities smaller than Maradona and Riquelme should be count the role of a 9 and a half, so has the core of Argentina Lionel Messi as the main reason for the recent poor record.

must be explained that there is absolutely no slightest derogatory meaning Messi, Messi I am also a loyal fan, but Lionel Messi and Argentina for the current situation are worried and sorry only.
sky full of stars light2010-01-21 07:36:26 +0000 #3
the flaming nest of a typical representative,

Maradona's coaching level to boast about.



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