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Why bye 09/10CBA League

Chun-sheng, good news2010-02-26 07:10:28 +0000 #1
this fight is to abolish the subject-object dual-loop north and south region should be 18 teams playing 34 games, why should bye the last two played in only 32? This is how calculated? In this way, would it not be less, and played for a team?

Foreign aid, the use of four six times (except 81) If the middle section playing a foreign aid foreign aid then used another one of its substituted (non-Asian foreign aid) This calculation used a trips or two times?
fly12522010-02-26 07:25:02 +0000 #2
A: Yunnan team last season, poor management, resulting in outstanding athletes, coaches salaries, causing a significant negative impact on the league after the end of the club operations to a complete standstill. According to the review of relevant departments, the Red River club does not have the ability to participate in the new season. Therefore, the Chinese Basketball Association final decision: the Red River in Yunnan deprived CBA league clubs to participate in the 2009-2010 season, the qualifications of the participating teams from the league to become an even odd, bye naturally, inevitably, ah

the new season will be held December 19 war, the opening war against Guangsha from Shanghai. Each round of play eight games, a team bye. A total of 34 272 regular season games, each team playing a total of 32 games ended on March 14. Playoffs will be held March 24 started, and the championship will be held April 30 at the latest generated.

B: foreign aid to use, you said that the situation be used once foreign aid, and 2 4 6 times, it can turn on.

Specifically the use of foreign aid to help you excuse me:

the new regulations: the new season, CBA, teams can employ two foreign aid, after the six league teams can employ an Asian foreign aid, foreign aid played the implementation of 2 4 6 times system. This does not include foreign aid in Asia.

, indeed, is 2 4 6 times. CBA league for many years is the implementation of foreign aid 2 4 4 times the system, while in the CBA last year, of a significant reform, a comprehensive liberalization of foreign aid in playing time for the CBA game level and ornamental been promoted. However, this radical reform measures have also been a reluctance to hire 81 foreign aid, as well as a number of inadequate financial resources can not afford big-name foreign aid small and medium club against some of the media is that it will delay the growth of domestic players and come under fire.

Finally the new season in between supporters and opponents took an "average" can be considered taking into account different interests.


81 exceptions to further refine the new rules: All teams with 81 teams in the game, continued implementation of the 08-09 season playing aid 2 4 5 times the requirements, while Asian players, like with the aid calculation of play times.


and like last season, do not want to employ 81 foreign aid continue to enjoy the preferential policies the CBA, but the extent of care can be said has been enhanced. If a downstream of the team this season, hired two American foreign aid, an Asian foreign aid against other teams so that they, the foreign aid played a total number of attendances was: 4 6 passengers + Asian foreign aid 4 4 trips = 4 10 trips. Against the 81, only four five passengers, has shrunk by half.
zqsgaj20092010-02-26 07:46:49 +0000 #3
because of fewer teams in Yunnan Province, CBA became the 17 team.



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