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Beijing Guoan Football Association decided how this year's champion?

g1584251512010-01-21 08:01:09 +0000 #1
Have such a spoken out? To do so what is there to kick what ah. . . .

2009-09-06 21:48 supplementary question

I'm in Tianjin - Beijing fans Weight
North sir2010-01-21 08:03:35 +0000 #2
I am a Beijinger

1. Often go to Tianjin, Tianjin has always felt quite good.

2. we used to see football, of course, hope that the National Security winning.

3. I've been watching the scene for many years not to, because I just want to see strong watch football. look overwhelming offensive to see the penetration of mercury diarrhea to see if Jijingsizuo the finishing touches.

But now, I feel a game for tens of thousands of people, is actually the site to find a vent from the bottom of their hearts that the expression of emotion has nothing to do with football. What happens if No Super, there will be another outlet channel. As for the Football Association, "unofficially" to see if China's current football, I know that there are no soccer skills.

I basically agree with upstairs "results" master view, and some media are should think about the impact on the audience.
Zezheng2010-01-21 08:24:33 +0000 #3
"National Security unofficially the Champions?" fans are saying in Tianjin yesterday, Football Association went so far attracted a league director, the Secretary-General Ma Chengquan Super Lash specifically refute rumors in the news.

The Football Association yesterday afternoon, a routine Lash, a reporter on the national security champion is said unofficially to the Football Association questioned. Ma Chengquan ask, "Such rumors are credible? If winner already decided how it would not have played league. Individuals on the network to spread false information, not the slightest basis in fact. We should not readily believe, impossible Football to support certain teams. behind the important times of games, FIFA will continue to send foreign referees, after three league to ensure fairness, will provide a unified start time. "

slated malicious speculation purely championship and national security the club had this to ask, "Henan two boarded the standings, is not it is unofficially?"



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