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442 so what's the advantages and disadvantages compared with the 451?

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442: Overview: 442 lies in the midfield he requested that the midfield four players parallel stations, this formation of the midfield Players require relatively high, emphasizing defense should be 6-8 when the people, offensive to have 4-6 people, in addition to the true sense of the four guards and two forwards, and the remaining count on midfielder, two wingers, in the attack When the request for more sidewalks, Pilling and creativity, and in defense, the will have to fill the seats for the side guard assists. Two highest pressure in the avant-garde, to be able to attack to defend, that is, to be looting, but also will organize attacks. Generally speaking, two strikers are a mix of high-a quick, high-mass center is the use of sidewalks, the small forward is to organize and attack.

Advantages: Gongshoupingheng, attack more than routine.

Disadvantages: right midfield players physically demanding large capacity for a full, sometimes trade-off.

Example team: 99% of the British team. 2001 Manchester United is a good example: Schmeichel / Gary Weill BLANC Johnson Owen / Beckham KEANE Scholes GIGGS / YORK COLE / (The success of this team is that it has played a 442 advantage make up less than 442. 2 winger has a definite breakthrough, creativity, and can guarantee high-quality ball; two in the avant-garde running ability, can attack to defend, clear division of labor)

2002 International: TOLDO / J. ZANETTI CORDOBA MATERRAZI GRESKO / Khongsai Sang C Jane Di DI BIAGGIO Recoba / Ronnie BOBO (also 442, also has the ability super star, why is nothing to be, I think the tactic is the biggest problem, both one in the avant-garde are engineering-type, hard to say who they have to in front on the offensive support, on the sidewalks, Recoba is not suitable with the wings, Qian Yao nature so that he often depend on the Road, so that put GRESKO exposed, the question naturally arises, and their example to tell everyone, 442 more are asking for is a collective, rather than a few big players.

4312: Overview: 4312 was also a branch of 442, maybe you would think that 4312 just put in a 442 just ahead of the avant-garde - is not true, in the midfield where there are in fact three lumbar, which three lumbar ensure leading-edge security restricted area. Other, and 442 are similar

advantages: Middle the defensive there is no problem, there are levels of a sense of battle.

Disadvantages: sidewalks often only one person, that is, to attack but also defend, easy to form a multi-fight each other on the sidewalks, the situation

example of a small team: 2003 Milan: DIDA / CAFU NESTA MALDINI PANCARO / GATTUSO PIRLO SEEDORF / KAKA / SHEVA PIPPO / Milan use such a framework within two years, took four titles, the key lies in three lumbar and two outstanding edge Wei, Zhong attack often PIRLO as the core , while the SEEDORF GATTUSO in behind him to help, but also with SEEDORF in the middle of their creativity. CAFU PANCARO two packages on the sidewalks, the two veterans play is also eye-popping, after all, he door is 0 transfer fee, ah, Milan's only defeat was lost to la that field, but lost because there were two sides Wei was completely under control, the state is not good, a good Rikie evident how important it is for 4312.

4321: Overview : 4321 is from 4312 to withdraw a striker to add to a No. 10 player.

advantages: it can always be easily control the midfield and the rhythm, the contest will be highly ornamental.

Disadvantages: single-center easy to defend in the face Tietong Zhen few measures.

example of the team in August 2002 to 10 months of Milan: DIDA / SIMIC NESTA MALDINI KALADZE / GATTUSO PIRLO SEEDORF / RUI COSTA RIVALDO / PIPPO the formation was once so big because of scenery for a month, can not continue to use the Milan This formation is also a tactical requirements, in Serie A, all the teams pay attention to tactics, defensive, small teams met wealthy only put Tietong Zhen, the 4321 is also a good way to deal with, in many cloacae capsize and get away with win later, an abandoned 4321 Shuai.

4222: Overview: When a team has homes due to combination of two super-Rui and Kaka on the 10th. and this four who was unwilling to accept the rotation, then the how. 4222 is no way to approach. this a bit like a 442, the double winger has brought about double-Qian Yao.

Advantages: big-name players at the same time to solve problems, can guarantee box office ratings.

Disadvantages: the team will rely more on a certain name of the individual players to play.

sample team: in 1998, the Brazilian team / Taffarel / CAFU ALDAIR ZAGO CARLOS / Tang, Jia Sangpa about / Leonardo Rivaldo / 罗尼贝贝托 / that year Brazil would have had the Baixinho can be said that big crowd in no way can only bring four major attacks on the whole hand put to it - plus the two engineers lumbar almost - in fact, Brazilians went to the final - final tears is that they left behind - too much dependence on a player is their failure - is also a 4222 issue.

4231 (451): Overview: 4231 was also a branch of 442 - it is the two wing forward push withdrawal of a striker, as Qian Yao, in the lumbar will appear on the more engineering-type player. forward line, leaving only the superior technology and ability to fully center

Benefits: 4 people up front to shorten the distance between locations - more suitable for stress small-scale technology, a good team, a shadow striker is often better suited to play

Disadvantages: right center and winger demanding, this emphasis on small quick spiritual formation, while the pressure on the border guard is relatively large.

Example team: 2004 years of Portuguese: RICARDO / Miguel de Andrade Carvalho, Nuno Valente / Fox Timor nyama Nice / FIGO DECO RONALDO / Pauleta. This is the Portugal squad after losing the first in that After the triumph of Portugal made four straight, but it also exposes the hidden danger is no doubt that Portugal, the ball did not enter a No. 9 - Portugal out of Spain by the GOMEZ, equalizer scored a goal against England is the Persian Emperor Canada, but they are not found in in the final - this is the shortcomings of 4231 - Why Real Madrid has won the Spanish title in 2003, la performance is always so good in recent years - while Portugal can not get in such a good opportunity to the next winner - because the latter there is Mitt Romney, The latter is not there TRISTAN, is that there is Ma Kai, while Portugal has Pauleta.

3412: Overview: Some people think that 4 guard is the kinds of waste - then invented the three guards, more than one person to strengthen midfield.

advantages: the liberation of the a defender, but also liberated a midfielder, with Qian Yao, attack will be more organized and more.

Disadvantages: 3 defender in the defense, especially the ribs and wings, there will be trouble, the key to rely on guard individual ability and collective defense of the tacit agreement to compensate.

sample team: in 2002 Brazil: MARCOS / ROQUE RUNIOR EDIMILSON LUCIO / CAFU GILBERTO KLEBERSEN CARLOS / RIVALDO / size of the Luo / Luiz Felipe Scolari's clever is that independence does not call the wolf into the team - if he came - an estimated two-Qian Yao Yao Da, Brazil has two-center, and 3412 the complete liberation of the Riva and Ronaldinho in the rear there are two engineering case, they attack more easily and effectively -- coupled with the world's best fullback, wings are also guaranteed, although the capacity of three incomplete is a top defender, but the team with is good. This session of the Brazilian team and tactics from the staff to a perfect win well deserved .

343: Overview: 4 midfield battle-bit parallel, three forwards left-right separation compared 3412,343

The attack on the sidewalks, there will be more, Road will play less, in addition to 343's play compared passion

sample team, Zach Milan: ABBIATI / ROQUE JUNIOR COSTACOURTA MALDINI / GATTUSO ALBERTINI AMBROSINI COCO / SHEVCHENKO Bierhoff Leonardo / Zach is playing 343 of the advocacy campaign on behalf of coach football, Zach is also too first Serie A title - in his focus on the ball right in the wings to require sidewalks, the high pass to the Middle center, while the high center plays a role in containment of two winger pulled neutral gear, sneak attacks on opponents, so the eyes of Zach there will not be on the 10th (BOBAN) the location, in his midfield he preferred type of midfield engineer.. We should say that Zach's team have had success, how can he return to a failure? aging defense , 3 back on the guard requirement is multi-faceted, and this is Zach ignored, imagine if given Zach NESTA, STAM, the team would look like - Hehe ---

3313: Overview: Some people and Zach thought about but they are like Qian Yao, then a good one lumbar, 1 Qian Yao, which is 3313

advantages: the 343 is different from the combination of Middle Road and the sidewalks are attacking a richer, more fire power.

Disadvantages: Road defensive problem is serious.

sample team: Marcelo Bielsa Argentina Age: Caballero / AYALA SAMUEL Heinze / J ZANETTI VERON SORIN / Delgado AIMAR Big Head / CRESPO (rabbit) to tell the truth, the past few years in Argentina more disappointing, the team's formation is indeed innovative, but also have some ornamental may be for several years, Bielsa's team is not working yet - I think that in 3313 the lineup in a good lumbar is particularly important after all, is Single-lumbar, should be placed on the defensive Road, but also prepare the middle of the scheduling, Argentina, there is no such talent, which is Bielsa confusion, perhaps he does not fit the tactical team -

Speaking of 3313 There are teams I would like to say that is to be Yu as the "super-platinum generation" of the younger teams (note the Zhongqing Team)

Qi / Zhang Yaokun Dewey Zhou Lin / Wang Sheng Hu Zhaojun Xu Liang / Gao / Qu Bo Yu Tao Yan Song /
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451 pay more attention to the control of the midfield to counter effects of better

442 has the advantage of Gongshoupingheng, most teams can use this style of play, the universality of strong
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451's strong offensive
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upstairs waffle bar
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ksence - trial a complete nonsense



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