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fifaOnline2 433 formation problem

pkwwe19972010-02-26 09:10:47 +0000 #1
I have used 433 of the formation every time I left two guards after attacking someone else grab the ball and it is easy to suddenly go after. How can we correct this problem. My formation is as follows: center left center Raul Torres Rooney right center. Defender Carles Puyol 特里克里斯 ..... If this formation prawns are good please give me pointing pointing. Thank you -
thegungking2010-02-26 09:20:57 +0000 #2
I do not know how kind of side defender and midfielder. Formation is a whole, if the first games were cuts, the two central defenders are usually the last defender (normal) (FIFA defensive difficult than the fact), but alone are likely to be hit in the back behind the ball.

S & P team and Terry is no problem with capacities are strong, should be the S & P team (ball type) after the field organization, Terry (hot-pursuit type) steal defensive,

may need to strengthen the midfield, 433 array of the most powerful is the midfield and the wings, (Arsenal, Barcelona are), there must be a defensive mid-fielder, such as Michael Essien, Diarra, Toure. There are offensive and tissue-type avant-garde, such as small law. Strengthen the offensive and defensive conversion.

If there is, after each attack, leaving only two back of the right and left side do not use back Maicon, Alves, as the offensive side of back.

Do not know what is around center, normally a center array 433 is enough (Ibrahim). If the left-back is not offensive, and left winger pressure is relatively large. Lunilaoer not suitable winger. Zuobian Feng Silva or Ribery, You Bianfeng C Lo or Messi.

Formation can not rely on reputation. Your back is no problem formation. Ramos is a point guard-type side. But clearly unreasonable in the front court. Emphasis on offense, location, duplication, does not seek defensive

杰拉德卡卡 are Qianyao, position to repeat. Kaka to play winger inappropriate. Position on the list C Luo, C Luo is now at Real Madrid and sometimes even play center, with Higuain partner. Kaka, C Luo front as far as possible in order to play a technical body speed advantage.

Torres and Wayne Rooney to repeat. Are the top in the front of the center, but they need to take a striker or behind the ST / CF.

Must have a defensive mid-fielder. So as to steal before the market was after the midfielder regained, and then an offense. In reality, no more Chelsea Essien is finished, no more Toure Barcelona, Keita will not stand, while the L Diarra at Real Madrid turned out to be on the 10th! Barcelona Real Madrid Galaxy 2 that the best player.

If on this basis, I would use

Casillas Ramos Puyol Terry abra


(pairs of lumbar midfield defensive problems to solve)


Rory Berry


small new students eh2010-02-26 09:25:02 +0000 #3
can use tactics to solve the

Q + keypad number keys 2 zone defense



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