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fifa online 2 difference between the transfer market and players card

pkwwe19972010-02-26 09:10:53 +0000 #1
I have heard people say the player transfer market that is worse than the player card to play the transfer market is a good parallel in the end there is no such one?
cnshinhwa2010-02-26 09:25:46 +0000 #2
transfer market where players and player cards player ability is the same.

The parallel is that people say you choose the team when the original team players inside.

Because of its capability is only the transfer market or the player card player's 85%.

However, after the train up the same values are the same.

Parallel imports cheaper, but practicing them slowly.

Mainstream expensive, but the train up fast.
bb2005872010-02-26 09:19:20 +0000 #3
No such thing, if it is with a player transfer market and full cards turn up are the same, the same 100% of the players. Of course, if not comparability of different individuals. If you insist difference is that the players card is spent much of the price, of course, Jin-Gui psychologically feel a little, in fact, the same.



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