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Flying Wing Zero Strike freedom to change and who is worse

MV Chuangshi Shen2010-02-26 16:11:14 +0000 #1
want more points, there is reason!
Wandering funeral coldest2010-02-26 16:17:24 +0000 #2
Flying Wing Zero change

Body designation: XXXG-00W0

body, code-named Japanese: ウ イ ン ン ダ ム ¥ ° ga ease up ス ロ カ Tatari ム

English: W-Gundam Zero Custom

Chinese: Flying Wing Zero Up to change

emergence works: a new mobile Senki up to W Endless Waltz

Body type: Test for type MS

Manufacturer: Resistance

belong: the fight against the organization

the first time with: AC195

drivers: Shiloh

Internal Environment: Special standard cockpit (full-cockpit display) / "Zero System" carry

Dimensions: head height: 16.7 meters

Weight: Body Weight: 8.0 tons

armor materials and structures: high alloy Dani Mu

Generator Output: 3732KW

forward Power: 88150KG

Fixed Arms: Beam Saber × 2; chest organs Cannon × 2

choice of hand weapons: Using the hand weapons: double destruction of rifles (detachable alone), beam rifle

Strike free


the body the body designation : ZGMF-X20A

English name: ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

Japanese name: su ラ イ ク フ リ ー ダ ム ga ン ダ ム

English translation: Assault free up (or translated: Strike free up)

Type: High-fire bombardment of F-type models were based Weapon

manufacturing side: ZAFT

owned by: Eternal Road, Tai Angel number (3 ship alliance)

Dimensions: 18.03 meters

Weight: 71.50 tons

momentum: FT 2 Ze plane particle-type nuclear fission reactors, in theory, have an infinite The power output of

the cockpit: a pilot, located in the trunk of the standard cockpit

Equipment and design features: FT Field Armor bar enhanced version of the anti-neutron jammers

for the first time in service: CE80.4.1

Fixed Weapons: MMI-GAU276mm Proximity defense broke positron cannon × 2, may be in bursts, fixed on the head; super-M100 "Balaena" plasma beam cannon-type × 2, equipment in the flying wing, the rotation to the shoulder at the top of the use; (Balaena had Martha's backstroke in the atmosphere to break into the asteroid AXIS, to contribute is limited due to their low explosion, they had to change that can break a warship hit a super-long cavalry, looking for how to call the number!) MMI -M35 "Xiphias" super-magnetic rail gun × 2, folded in the buttocks on both sides, expand the use of; GUNDAM BEAM transmitter, chest, heat diffusers, hand the iron fist against the light emission shield

(hand) Optional Weapons: MA -M21 particles sword × 2, equipment in the hip side, can be used as a floating sword; MA-M40 rifle; remote Funnel

plus equipment Weapons: Super meteor devil: ultra-high energy, high-energy choke FireWire cannon × 2; high-energy income Firewire Beam cannon × 234; "Erinaceus"-to-ship missiles; beam sword


Output: Flying Wing Zero only power engine, Strike Freedom is the engine of nuclear energy, just like conventionally-powered submarines and nuclear submarines gap.

Armor: flying wing zero is a high-Dani Mu alloy, Strike Freedom is relative to array conversion armor. Phased array conversion armor is underpinned by adequate defensible energy light, heat, particle weapons, armor, in theory, as long as enough energy, only the super-battleship knife attack to be such a heavy physical damage to their produce. Unfortunately, the flying wing to zero without any physical change weapons, which contribute to its weapons and equipment for nuclear power can not be comparable to Strike freedom. High Dani Mu alloy and then drastically, only metal armor, even with the WING UNIT systems, in the absence of adequate energy support, and be penetrated only a matter of time.

Weapons: do not say, AC195 and CE80 of the two time periods, decided to change the zero-wing flying weapons systems have lagged behind.

Operation: I am afraid that the flying wing is the only zero change over Strike free society. zero system is self-sacrifice in exchange for the pilots to predict the future operating system, the Strike freedom is not.

Pilot: Shiloh is no doubt a super pilot, but Kira Yamato ... is a monster, the pilot of the deification of it, if he burst SEED, and I really can not know what hit him fall.

In addition, there is little overall performance can refer to, free up space can easily fall from the earth, as free up even more improvements in machine Assault free Needless to say, and flying wing zero change seems to be very difficult to complete this action.

Expected: one-touch before the flying wing to play a double zero to change the power to destroy long-range rifle attacks, but pulled into the post-rifle at a distance of no advantage, an unfavorable situation of close combat to play a zero system, the advantages of Hilo on the Assault on freedom of continued to attack, relying on the advantages of phased array conversion armor, Kira Yamato blast SEED, through the perfect tactical arrangements to edge higher than the strike force of arms fall to zero change-style flying wing, a total exposure time is about 4-6 minutes for fighting.

Conclusion: Strike free up compared to zero change-style flying wing has a unique overwhelming superiority.
zyl5242591832010-02-26 16:23:23 +0000 #3
Strike Free

Reason: Zero blood less, free of blood more than he. Liberal attack multi-nil, and the power of a strong and basically had no Kira on the pilots had lost not like Zero storm had several back? But also in the SD Gundam Zero only in S-class machines, but the Liberal Assault SS level must be because freedom is a S grade! And free to play Zero seconds is already done .... Strike that, needless to say, right?



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