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At 8:00 p.m. on January 17 in Vietnam right there in the end China's TV broadcast ah

libra992010-02-26 20:10:02 +0000 #1
watched wide-bodied, and CC5 of programs are broadcast bad ball ah, how do ah? ?
iwtbarm2010-02-26 20:24:41 +0000 #2
No live! ! ! ! CCTV5 the game into a network TV broadcast of sports, said the News
daiselina2010-02-26 20:40:53 +0000 #3
it must be a

20:00 Vietnam VS China CCTV5, CNYV
wb1161412010-02-26 20:34:57 +0000 #4
Some, CCTV5 17 Ri 20:00 live on time.

20:00 Asian Cup qualifiers in Vietnam - China's men's soccer CCTV5 high-definition (CCTVReg) CNTV5 + Sport (CCTVReg) CCTV5 (PPlive) CCTV5 (Sopcast Tvants no plug-in)

recommend a website "live," is a lot of games have The.
lattever2010-02-26 21:39:10 +0000 #5
This can have o (∩ _ ∩) o
xuanjordan72010-02-26 22:27:53 +0000 #6
Mars TV
tysonfj2010-02-26 21:48:51 +0000 #7
CCTV to broadcast, but do not recommend watching
recent662010-02-26 22:58:36 +0000 #8
In fact, there are a lot of gossip, and I do not know in the end of the broadcast or not broadcast ! Anyway, there are the results of tonight, my view is that CCTV should be five sets of live, after all, is a team game ah, and then have to broadcast bad ah! You look to the dotted bar!
wujiayuan52010-02-26 23:52:02 +0000 #9
CCTV5 had live ah

Another Tencent and Sohu sports while others



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