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Why is called Li called the Great

Milky Way2010-01-21 10:01:03 +0000 #1
such as the title
Zezheng2010-01-21 10:06:01 +0000 #2
In the May 25, 2006 and Suwon Samsung team match, Shenzhen hard team to win the race and made the AFC Champions League Chu Xianquan. During the competition, as a striker in front of the restraint of Li is very useful. After the match, he was 1:00 excitedly said: "I protect the ball like Henry." At that time, the name Henry in the Arsenal Hehe Wei, known as Henry the Great, then press also ridiculed Li is Great. Li explains: "The fans may feel I am this person is not too mad, and has gone too far with their own more than Henry! In fact, how should I say, when we won a hard won victory, I will inevitably get carried away. I said that sentence, I am not impulsive. all these years, Henry impressed me the most is that the technology moves His retaining the ball. And I have been to follow him. "
Li" pull "into this" joke "in the French star Thierry Henry, to Beijing during the Sina Web site right part of his interview, Henry said that he only Recognizing two Premiership players Sun Jihai and Li Tie, Fan Zhiyi also some of the impressions, but Li was completely do not know.

Li Yi the Great, the JI

Li Yi who, Anhui people. Republican for three years in May Nian Liu Xiaoping Geng Zhe Li as a pick up in the wild, following named Li. Li Wei Chang Pentecostal father over marriage, carrying Yi tour in the countryside, local people and differences, great deal of notice saying, "Hey," a long time the people in the world as a plum name begin with Hey also, the word has not been set.

Yi came from a, not a science book, each school into the church that is non-chaotic sleep, Jin Yi Yu besides, its taste linger after more than a month without a break, sir, by the.去. Sui-day tour in the wild, to recover the dog by rats for fun. Case of the vicious dog legislation flutter, are not barking. Rural Township in evil. Responsibility of his father, angrily walking north to Tianjin. Division in a matter of Tsudo Cuju line coach.

A result of recovery came from a dog by rats, therefore, to Yi Shan Rush, shape if the mad dog. Jiang Zemin, the entry-chun, locomotives, This is the beginning of Di Ming-yi. Over several years, twenties, strong body without the brain, only Hayao ear. Zemin decade, Yi Fang twenty years, with the capital into the national security Gendarmenmarkt. Yi is now on the market early, the surviving foot skills, supplemented by speed, Shooters quite good, people have described it as "horse" that the wing. Yi Wen's happy self-hi.

Zemin 8 years to abandon Beijing and from deep. Entering the deep, strong potential, and often goals, recruit them with effective country, ran every battle will wilt, and often are narrow and the ball straight ahead, straight forward, others are not delivery, Buddhism does not enter, the whole country sigh Ran, Jie Yue Yi There uprising that it can. Jintao two years in June Nian Er, Yi-jun Kang Wo with the Chinese characters in the capital. Shidori cunning, claw the ball in, shame States Army in the Universe within the word, people are Nu. There are not many to find that ballgame Yi Ji Ben, surface Buddhism out of the world stunned, Shidori also amazed: Wei Chang know that this world ever kick the ball is in such peace! All worship. The following day, the city made famous person: Yi who has now Emperor Yung also.

Jintao three years later than the Big Dipper's Shangbin in the dark. The number of late a few dead men, and fear Yi, escape of, that's saying: the ball Ba.

Li Yi Yu language everyone to try, saying: I's in China, comparable to Henry's in France, south of the homes in the Ukraine, the young Romanian's in Brazil; I shall protect the ball, it seems Henry's very Shen Yi. Heinz Wen's remarks, a sense of Li can not be made, sobbing could not have been. You-Lo Wen's remarks, blush very, Gu Zi's achievements, are also insignificant. Scotia-fu Wen Yan, Li Jue. Wenyan the world, all thanks, saying: Li Yi the Great taboo.

Yi Panorama. The early years, and Liu Jing, Vladimir stop, destroy the stands Shiyu Zhang. Five years, Cuju due to fear of it is never known to the world Lidi. Decade, the world no one to Yi name, the word must Yi. Fifty years, collapse, Jade Emperor, Yu-Yi Chan, Suicide.

Tai Shi Gong, saying: Wu Wen Yan Huang 2 Zu Emperor of China, Qin emperor Han Wu, Genghis Khan, Nurhaci, ran late emperor dynasties, such as Li are Vladimir the Great of power for women and children know, what zai? Lucky dynasties are now. It as the world of matter which can not can not say that it can, Ran Li Great repeat can not be both the world of whom can not everything that does not call it rare also. Husband is lucky that it can not be compared with Li the Great's, then what are benefits Jiao? Gai Li Great for worldly things can be said of the person and the theory can not carry on.
rkohhh2010-01-21 10:45:03 +0000 #3
because he kicked the ball so well, skills and Henry You Yipin, not `` is a lot stronger! !



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