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Genuine football celebrated identification methods

Net Chul Flute Fruit2010-02-27 15:10:24 +0000 #1
I want to buy to celebrate, together with South Africa, Qing!

But do not know what is genuine, and there are about how much money?

Thank you provided!
owen199202252010-02-27 15:20:40 +0000 #2
celebrate the release of a total of three,

1. The international level tournament game ball, official match ball, eight designs, fabrication hot-melt glue. 2010 FIFA World Cup Official race. Big star praised. Need us more about.

2. Ordinary game ball, eight designs, fabrication hot-melt glue. Though not as an official match ball with a micro-convex pattern as the surface of-the-art precision design, but the same modeling methods used to achieve three-dimensional spherical three-dimensional structure, the same with an aerodynamic groove. Run line on the precision and accuracy have reached an unprecedented height. Meanwhile, the ball also has excellent stability in flight routes and in any weather conditions can be manipulated to achieve the perfect sewing machine of

3 TPU leather football, amateur teams play ball. Is also the link to football highlights. 20 sewing machines, enough to round, soft enough is enough resistance to play (note Oh, no hand-stitched. It is because I think that Adi Since its outside with the hot-melt process is no longer on basic hand-sewn soccer ball as a game, and So sew fake licenses Adi was in all likelihood). Which is what we should focus on football introduced by China's only authorized the company --- Adi Crown Ho Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Dongguan production. It features super-soft leather ball, Jiaogan soft, flexible excellence, high wear is that all football fans or football training institute of choice for baby. Inner high-strength nylon yarn wrapped yarn, after a Loughborough University, UK and Germany, Adidas than the large-scale laboratory testing, and numerous wind tunnel tests, 300 million hit is not deformed. Would like to say that we Chinese national football team although several broken through people's hearts, but our production processes football and soccer on behalf of the processing capacity is the world's first, so we have reason to believe that their products, have confidence in We Chinese are produced using ultra-high cost of football products.

A class of goals to be 900 more than second-class about 500 or so, three types of 200 or so, the price to Taobao lower
254,119,2692010-02-27 15:22:48 +0000 #3
go store to buy

more than 500 bar



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