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Juergen Klinsmann and Bierhoff the stronger ones

handsomerr2010-02-27 16:10:38 +0000 #1

Wang Ruo-hai2010-02-27 16:12:55 +0000 #2
On the influence of the case, Klinsmann stronger. First, he caught up with the heyday of German football a good age, he had another world champion title.

On the capacity to do so even more comprehensive technology Klinsmann, Oliver Bierhoff's technology rather monotonous.

However, the practical effect on the club, Klinsmann, Bierhoff should be beyond.

Bierhoff won Serie A top scorer in the club has been scoring machines.

On the form, how is the Nanfenbozhong are handsome.哈哈.
T Vikings T2010-02-27 16:15:59 +0000 #3
Jurgen Klinsmann
o Luna Night o2010-02-27 16:36:23 +0000 #4
Oliver Bierhoff has failed to become Germany's flag characters - the true history of the German flag-type only, Beckenbauer, Lothar Matthaeus Klinsmann, Oliver Bierhoff Klinsmann backgammon!
Finger faint smoke2010-02-27 17:04:32 +0000 #5

Bierhoff are in good time type of striker, in the nearly 30-year-old when it fails to grasp, in the cause of Udinese and AC Milan to reach the peak. 1996 European Cup into the golden goal, which is the national team career high light moments, and that support the national team captain Jurgen Klinsmann. Hamburg, Borussia, Salzburg Red Bull, Inter Milan, Ascoli, Udinese, AC Milan, Chievo. Header is also very good.

Klinsmann belongs to a balanced type of striker, demonstrated in the career of the super league of the major adaptation, genetic roots TB (1972-74), gais Thuringia (1974-78), Stuttgart Kickers (1978-84), Stuttgart (1984-89), Inter Milan (1989-92), Monaco (1992-94), Spurs (1994-95), Bayern Munich (1995-97), Sampdoria ( in August 1997 to December), Spurs (January 1998 to 6 months). Header Kung Fu in particular, well, nicknamed Golden Bomber! Klinsmann's in front of another sense of superior than Oliver Bierhoff.



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