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Anti-gambling football match-fixing has recently arrested a total number of full circle celebrity? R

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2009-12-16 22:26 supplementary question

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【Xing Rui, former Shandong Luneng captain

】 【Xu Hongtao, chairman of the club, Chengdu Blades

【Wang Xin, former deputy general manager of Shanxi Land Rover Football Club

【Wang Po, former Shaanxi Guoli, Harbin Lange, general manager of the club

【particularly for Chengdu, former assistant coach

【Guidinger, former coach of Kim Duk-Yang】

【Guangzhou Football Association officials, former Deputy Director and Chief Pharmaceutical wide leader

【Bing, former Jinde club bosses

【Yan Yi, former national goalkeeper

【Lee】 root Shenyang Dongjin active striker Duan Xin】

【Shenyang Dongjin coach

【Hong-Wei Liu】 original Hailifeng leader

【】 A A cold wave era of Shandong main

【Luton, former member

Liaozu Xiaodong】 【Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Football Club, former Vice President

【Fan Guang-ming, Chinese Football Association official responsible for the commercial work of a labor contractor

【】 fresh labor contractor

【Zhong Jian, former general manager of Guangdong Eagle

【Canton drugs, former Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer

【Broker Y well-known football agent, Chinese President

【H】 Canton drug club officials



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