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Recent Dizhan naro How?

whoisyoung0072010-02-28 02:10:47 +0000 #1

hunter 19892010-02-28 02:26:54 +0000 #2
AC Milan, the young Qianyaodizhan Naro starter only twice this season, but have been replaced in advance, but the two are starting in the Italian Cup, the Italian Cup with AC Milan The out, Dizhan Naro later in AC Milan's appearance is likely within the foreseeable future, and rather ironically, AC Milan are likely in the next two days he was on loan at Livorno, while Livorno is exactly AC Milan the next round opponent.

But Dizhan Naro has not come up with a decent performance to prove that they have the ability to Leonardo branded games on a right Novara, he is the worst team one of the players in this field The Dizhannaluo not so bad, but not much constructive, Dizhan Naro biggest problem is the wind the ball is too soft, often in the same class with the other players will compete for the ball fell to the ground, and then look to the referee , which is sometimes Ronaldinho to break through in the slightly exaggerated fall kick stroke risk areas is also not quite the same is entirely physical fight in the fight when the end of their rope, but the choice of opponent.

Dizhan Naro is not one of physical players known for, but it forced the game to strengthen Pinqiang and return chasing, with Ronaldinho, Seedorf and others compared to his advantage only in the physically , but the physical confrontation has restricted his effectiveness in this regard. In the ball in the ball of Dizhan Naro good, but almost no real threat to the ball breakthrough, more of the ball after the transition back to the teammates about the competition he has tried several times to pass Zhisai and slash , but due to insufficient accuracy, without exception, gave the goalkeeper Handa Norwich, 52 minutes later, he blunders Zambia Pata ball outside the area of that in mind Zhisai is closest to a passing threat may be still be ahead of the previous Handa Norwich Huntelaar got the ball attack, but had just come out a decent pass in mind, losing patience, he will be replaced by Leonardo.

Alleged, AC Milan and Livorno on Dizhan Naro negotiations has begun, largely determine the priority for the lease plus the acquisition of rights, as they are likely to Livorno in the summer from Juventus received Candreva A total of eight million euros in authority, so AC Milan are also hoping a share, Dizhan Naro's worth and his right to be sold for a total of Genoa two years ago, when no difference in the total is still worth 300 million. AC Milan reportedly had consent to do so is Leonardo's consent, in the AC Milan training for half a year, Leonardo basically see his Jinliang. 4 years ago, 18-year-old Dizhan Naro have a "small Totti," the nickname, but the subsequent development is far from satisfying, although he had broken off when Reggina AC Milan's goal, but the fact Where is proved that some players are able to function properly, others are only suitable for small clubs, AC Milan, a recognized Abate and Antonini, while also recognizing the Dizhan Naro not suitable for AC Milan.

The game AC Milan is also the 70th minute put to a 17-year-old Wei Erdi but he did more than Dizhan Naro show self-confidence and potential. When compared with the Novara, Wei Erdi performance of relaxed a lot of ankle injuries has not, and can be 0-1 behind in his case replaced Gattuso, Leonardo explained to him trust, Weier Di at 76 minute intervals starting from the rear of the center line the ball, and Marco Borriello and then broke through the wall kick put shovel da, all in one, but the last line in large restricted areas without a good grasp of his right foot shot center of gravity, but still won a round of applause. Unfortunately, the two games, Weier Di failed to score in a more relaxed state of competition, this point of view, it would be better to Dizhan Naro starting position to him, pour more conducive to the mentality of young players and play.



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