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Ronaldo added to picture how FM2010?

Nancy Cheng Ping æŠ2010-02-28 04:11:17 +0000 #1
I put Ronaldo into the super-how of a team added to his photo?
Night DK2010-02-28 04:14:12 +0000 #2
(1) run the game - Preferences - Display & Sound - checked, display numbers UID, find the players number, Ronaldo's numbers should be 707,715, will you choose Ronaldo set image renamed 707,715, pay attention to images should be PNG format

(2) into C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ My Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2010 \ graphics \ players, here is placed on the players head position, free to choose a club folder (in particular, prompt, and you have a club game where Ronaldo has nothing to do, chaos can find here), will be Ronaldo's image into

(3) file there is a folder for the config.xml file, use Notepad to open the way to find <record from="XXXXX" to="graphics/pictures/person/XXXXX/portrait"/> , In the region more than one line of such code, XXXXX shall be the players number, in the region, and then add a line to copy the code will be written as a XXXXX at 707,715, save

(4) run the game, parameter settings - Display & Sound - hook election, forced refresh the skin, OK



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