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Ask the experts used to my team for what kind of formation?

niuniu884_83uor2010-01-21 14:01:36 +0000 #1
Goalkeeper Iker Casillas

Houwei La Mose peal than Aoerabi Total Metzelder Cannavaro

midfielder Kaka C罗杰拉德罗than nioro this Diyalasi Nader

feng line due to large Luo Yi Bulao Ibn melon

2009-09-03 14:47 supplementary question

in the FIFA ONLINE2 in the formation
jie ykk2010-01-21 14:08:24 +0000 #2
personal advice 4-3-2-1

Goalkeepers: Casillas

defender right back: Ramos (Ramos is characterized by either or both the backcourt to play You Bianlu can easily be accommodated. the court is that Ramos kick back, an issue that needs a great sense of responsibility and mission of the position in Zhongwei position, Ramos's election is less than mature. Ramos steals vicious, the prime of life. It is this spirit, there are already Spanish media that he was captain of Real Madrid next qualified candidates.

Ramos this season's goals came from a header, both attacking and defensive positioning of the ball he is an ace. In addition to several forward speed of Ramos Real Madrid one of the best.)

Left back: Abi Dahl (explosive outstanding. Abbey dale start running speed and the way the speed is very fast, physical plenty, body flexibility is good, balancing and good, his jumping ability is particularly outstanding, always grasp the surrounding area of the air, in possession of such a powerful explosive force to enable him to become a good defender player.)

in the Defenders: Christoph Metzelder (height 1,93 m Metze has the perfect conditions for hot-pursuit Zhongwei.)

in the Defenders: Albiol ( the body well, headed a strong ability to steal the foot agility, and broad vision, with a long pass capacity)

Midfielder Left Midfielders: Robinho (in front of the capacity of the opportunity, there are very Robinho a large room for improvement. is sometimes easy to control with a breakthrough obsession to lose a teammate that could be a good opportunity to pass. at the foot of a skilled ball feeling well, good at dribbling and a breakthrough, "step on a bicycle" is his signature moves one. superior speed, movement speed quickly, to deal with a number of tall defender at Robinho dexterity can often play a role. height limits his aerial ability to thin the body so that he has not rushed to the restricted area of the Qiangdian condition.)

in the avant-garde: Steven Gerrard (the world's most complete midfielder, one running over large areas, feet and technology, balanced, shot accuracy, pass the ball in the arc and speed of the year are not even worse than David Beckham, Moreover, he has a strong penetration capabilities, sufficient conditions in space, big stride forward sprint is almost overwhelming.)

Right Midfielders: Wesley Sneijder (as a midfielder, Wesley Sneijder and the main task of not in the restricted area scores. However, any ball that he would use the opportunity to showcase their ability to score. as a versatile midfielder, Wesley Sneijder have some dribbling ability, but not very prominent. flexibility is a smaller player on the characteristics of , Sneijder is no exception, but as a midfield commander, the Dutch do not need to have a very fast speed.)

forward (I do not say a) Left striker: Right striker Kaka
: c Lo

center: Ibrahim
error2010-01-21 14:31:21 +0000 #3
You can try the actual situation, you know to be very perverted
Sirius2010-01-21 14:50:11 +0000 #4
personally like to play 442 of the formation, Ibrahimovic up front for a single arrow, Robinho for the video front, left side avant-garde for Kaka and c, Romania, Fitzgerald, as Qian Yao, Diyala for the lumbar, as defender, Ramos, defender Eric Abidal for the two sides, Zhongwei for Pepe, Albiol, Canava Luo also good.



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