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The world's top five countries in which the respective longevity

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Chinese Bama: Longevity population is growing

Bama Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi Basin and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located in the slope zone. Here, the 90-year-old and 100 elderly people over the age of the third census by 242 and 44 people, up to the fourth census of 291 and 66 people, to the fifth census, has increased to 531 and 74 people, there are three old and long life of up to 110 years old, is the only five longevity Township, where increasing longevity for the elderly.

Bama people live longer, first of all thanks to a good environment for the gift of nature. Bama belongs to subtropical climate, fresh air, the negative oxygen ions per cubic meter levels of up to 2000-5000 a maximum up to 20000, known as the "natural oxygen bar."

Like labor, good eating habits, living a regular, which is also the god of longevity in Bama and more important factor. April 14 morning, the reporters came to jiazhuan Township 100 Ma Po Na Tun Village, celebrating his birthday at home interview iron yellow cloth. Elderly people were already 104 years old, but not Quzhai pork dishes every day, that is, work in the fields, but also to do housework. He ate two meals a day, each meal to eat two bowls of rice. Zaoshuizaoqi a day old, ears are not deaf, eyes are not flowers, a black hair. He often said: "Every day we do not look out of the activities, eating is not fragrant, not sleep well at night." Eyes to see him but for quick and neat way Zhai pork dishes, we really can not believe him.

Bama people live longer also, and diet. They often eat hemp, maize, tea oil, plum, pumpkin, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes and other natural foods. Corn, sweet potatoes are rich in trace elements such as the fire made of hemp oil and soup contains a lot of low-unsaturated fatty acids. The International Natural Medicine Association, a pair of Bama Morishita King investigation concluded that, unsaturated fatty acids and low intake of trace elements in human longevity is the key to Bama.

In addition to the above points, optimistic, Bama longevity is another prominent characteristic of the elderly. In the village, Ping-Ping Han Tun, we encountered a 106-year-old Huang mother could, she was also carrying a small grandson. Ma Huang can Ercongmuming while speaking side of the issue of hearty laughter. She told us that she is now Wudaitongtang, but also remember a young man to sing folk songs.

China Hotan: old people like to drink tea and eat Nang

pulling in Hotan, Xinjiang Yutian County, according to Su village is another in our country the world's longevity. Recently, this reporter went there for an interview.

La Village, according to Su Su seeds in accordance with their respective pull Shen Yong told reporters working the field, pull the village of 2,400 people according to Soviet Union, only 90 elderly people over the age of longevity alone 16. Under his lead, reporters saw three "Longevity families."

News first came to Rozi. Mamat house. According to Shen Yong introduction, Rozi old 110 years old, the body Jianlang, but also able simple tasks in agriculture. Rozi the old man told reporters that he was dark on a day to sleep, early morning call to wake up the chicken. Although it took the eye, but he would also like to do every morning for more than two hours of live, this year he also helped his son in the yard of cotton planted an acre of land. Morning and afternoon tea for the elderly, eating Nang in the evening eat almost anything, "I could not sleep at night for dinner." He said. According to Rozi great daughter-speaking, elderly people like to eat Tangtangshuishui things, eat corn, do Nang. "My family's great grandson, 16-year-old 啦 hope that my parents could see the wedding of his great-grandchildren." She said.

Subsequently, the reporter saw the 104-year-old to buy Tiku Er classes. Rozi Rozi Khan and 95-year-old. Rozi. They are pro-brother and sister, my brother likes the morning walk, the way home some grass into the sheep pen where the sheep feed. Rozi Khan, his sister before the age of 50 without any ill too, only occasionally in recent years, suffering from a cold. Her morning tea, eat Nang, noon to eat noodles, soup, rice and steamed bun at night to eat half Nang.

In the Latin America according to Su, the reporter also saw the 97-year-old Nu thermal Lee Hong. Tohti, and his 80-year-old wife. Nu Heat Lee Hong watching TV to see and 11 pm, get up at 7 o'clock noon, eat a pull-slips, bad sweets. Sooner or later he will do a thing to drink enough plain water. When asked about his longevity, the Nu thermal Lee Hong said that he was a young man in good health, a person out of three acres of wasteland reclaimed, and now the body is still quite strong. In addition, he never fights with her husband and children are filial piety, is very harmonious with the neighbors.

Outside the Caucasus: centenarians also beauty

More recently, Georgia over the age of 90 held a "beauty contest", participants in the 106-year-old has been the oldest centenarian beauty --- This may only be out in the Caucasus will occur such as longevity village. According to statistics, Georgia, more than 500 million people over more than 2,000 centenarians, long life, more than 20,000 over the age of 90. In Azerbaijan, the last century 80 million people every 10 early in the centenarians had as many as 63 people.

Outside the Caucasus, people's optimistic attitude towards life is one of the main reasons for their longevity. Local journalists to participate in the wedding, we often found that eighty or ninety years of age for the elderly and young people together singing and dancing. If they themselves do not say, people guess their true age. In addition to an optimistic attitude is also very particular about the local people's diet. Township 阿巴哈吉亚 longevity in Georgia, local residents eat each day to do with cornmeal bread and porridge. People here drink at least two cups of milk a day, three or four cups yogurt, drink when we have to put onions, celery and so on. In addition, the locals also eat spinach, beans, leeks, cabbage, onion, red pepper and when the property figs, do not eat sausage, bacon or ham, very little cake, potatoes, animal fats and sweets. They do not drink coffee, the main drinking when the property "Georgian tea."

Pakistan Hunza: sixty or seventy years old is not old

1933 years, the British writer James. Hilton arrived in Pakistan's Hunza Valley, in the taste of the local customs, he wrote the world-famous "Lost Horizon." In the book, he Hunza called "Shangri-La."

Hunza Valley from China's Xinjiang, only 30 kilometers, 45000 Hunza people lived for generations, "sunrise and sunset" of the farming families. This reporter has learned, in the Hunza, the locals almost never sick, the elderly, sixty or seventy-year-old did not, eighty or ninety-year-old still in the ground and crafts and healthy living than a hundred years old, and nothing rare here matter.

In order to solve the mystery of long-lived Hunza people, the British doctor, Robert. Maika Sen carried out field visits and found the secret of Hunza people live longer. The first diet: Hunza people like to eat crude flour, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, potato, sesame and so on. They also like to drink a moderate from the grape, mulberry and apricot liquor made from "Hunza Water." Second, the unique natural conditions: Hunza Valley in the vicinity there are many glaciers, rivers, the water is rich in minerals, perennial drinking is conducive to human health. Hunza people to plant crops when they use this water for irrigation, never Shi pesticides comes from the special nutritious fruits and vegetables. Third, living habits: Hunza many people engaged in farm work, simple living habits so that they stay away from the vicious competition of modern society, but also for their longevity increased by a weight.

Ecuador vilcabamba: There is no concept of money

in the mountains of southern Ecuador, there is a village called Vilcabamba. In 1970, the village, a man named Miguel. Carl Bio people get eye, For the first time to see the doctor. The eye make vilcabamba known as Miguel was said to have been alive after a 120-year-old.

According to the local government introduced vilcabamba about 5,000 people, of which more than 20 hundred years old or older. Because a hundred years ago this area is still relatively backward, there is no complete file system of the population, a figure difficult to confirm. In any case, this village is recognized as the Western Hemisphere's oldest land. One village woman 102-year-old Lucila, a few years ago in the town's carnival can dance on. When asked why the longevity, she said: "We take much walking to the old should Gan Huo."

This reporter has learned vilcabamba people like to eat beans, corn, bananas, sweet potatoes, rice , and mango. Most people eat only once or twice a week, chicken or fish, animal food. The locals also like to drink spring water, scientific analysis found that the local springs in the high mineral content, including iron, magnesium and other elements of the proportion of very satisfactory.

American scientist Eugene. Pain treat this place as "immunization Island", because very few locals have cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. Scientists believe that this is mainly due to the local people had no money and competition concepts, like labor, which makes their cardio-cerebral vascular disease "immunity." With little to eat animals and high-calorie foods, making the locals have a slow and steady metabolism.

Longevity does have secret

internationally recognized genetic, geographical and living environment, social background, dietary habits are a key factor in the four longevity. Longevity of the world's five rural residents do have a unique advantage.

At the gene, the Bama County Committee on Aging on the local 144 conducted a survey on longevity and found that grandparents life is more than 70 years of age accounted for 29% and 38%, the parents life is more than 70 years of age, 41% and 37%; the World Health the organization also believes that 15% of people's longevity depends on genetic factors.

For the diet, the five longevity Township diet reflected a high degree of consistency: beans, potato, corn, fruit, eat more, eat very little animal food, but a small appetite. According to the International Natural Medicine will be investigated five local people who daily calorie intake 1640 kcal, significantly less than most people's daily average of 2400 kcal standard.

In addition, the five basic longevity are located in remote rural areas, simple and sincere, warm and friendly people, optimistic, like the clean, this is the reasons for longevity.

It is worth mentioning that the five longevity township residents personally for many modern people the most difficult to implement the longevity principles: a lifetime of labor. Experts believe that the pursuit of modern people have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, stimulate, and a lack of work ethic, fast paced society people are often also in a tense situation for both of these run counter to the longevity. Now, in addition to Bama, several other township have experienced long life longevity downward trend. The reason is mainly the impact of modern life. For example, in Vilcabamba, in the past 20 years, the local government has been using the "long life" to carry out tourism promotion, the results of more and more tourists, an ever expanding population, the local people gradually bid farewell to the original simplicity of the lifestyle, to begin such thing as Coca-Cola

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