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attack is the best defense2010-01-21 16:01:15 +0000 #1
date, with a number

2009-09-02 11:18 supplementary questions can be added to "field position" do? (Simplified Chinese)
United Kingdom2010-01-21 16:05:32 +0000 #2
Number of nationality Chinese name English name birth place

01 Edwin van der Sar Edwin Van der Sar 1970.10.29

29 Kuzizhake Netherlands goalkeeper Tomasz Kuszczak 1982.03.20 Poland goalkeeper

12 Foster, England goalkeeper Ben Foster 1983.04.03

02 - Gary Neville Gary Neville 1975.02.18 England defender Patrice Evra Patrice Evra 1981.05.15


05 French defender Rio Ferdinand England defender Rio Ferdinand 1978.11.07

06 Brown, England defender Wes Brown 1979.10.13

15 Serbia and Montenegro defender Nemanja Vidic Nemanja Vidic 1981.10.21

22 Ireland defender John O'Shea John O'Shea 1981.04.30

23 Evans, Northern Ireland defender Jonny Evans 1988.01.03

20 Brazilian defender Fabio Fabio Da Silva 1990.07.09

21 Rafael Ireland defender Rafael Da Silva 1990.07.09

22 Collie - Evans Corry Evans 1990.07.30 Northern Ireland defender

25 Valencia Luis Antonio Valencia 1985.08.04 Ecuador midfielder Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs 1973.11.29


13 Wales midfielder Park Ji-Sung Ji-Sung Park 1981.02.25

13 Tossici South Korean midfielder Zoran Tosic 1987.04.28 Serbian midfielder Michael Carrick Michael Carrick 1981.01

16 .27

17 England midfielder Nani Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha, Nani 1986.11.17 Portugal midfielder Paul Scholes Paul Scholes 1974.11.16


24 Fletcher England midfielder Scotland midfielder Darren Fletcher 1984.02.01

04 England midfielder Owen Hargreaves Owen Hargreaves 1981.01.20

08 Anderson Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira 1988.04.13 Brazil midfielder Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney 1985.10.24


07 England striker Michael Owen England striker Michael Owen 1979.12.14

09 Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov Dimitar Berbatov 1981.01.30

27 Ma Qieda Italian striker Federico Macheda 1991.08.22

19 Willbeck England striker Daniel Welbeck 1990.11.26

32 Aubertin French striker Gabriel Obertan 1989.02.06

Transfer: Key players lost

Manchester United in the summer transfer market, the loss is obvious, leaving the team's top players C Luo, former President Carlos Tevez bid farewell to the key, the light that the two goals in the past two seasons, the sum of the nearest 100 one, how to fill this gap in doubt.

In the introduction, the Ferguson mainly to young players, Valencia, Ao Botan, small Diouf being difficult Tiaotai Liang, they have potential. Owen is a gambling handwriting, at present the main voice of public opinion to bullish, but the effect on how the new season we will know only after the opening play. In general, after a summer move for Manchester United's strength declined, this is true, but the extent of the decline is sufficient to affect their continued dominance of three years, but also to test the new season.

Into: Valencia (winger, Wigan, 17 million pounds), Marmer - more than Lyme - Diouf (forward, Molde, 500 million pounds), Ao Botan (winger, Bordeaux, 3 million pounds), Mike Ginty (guard, Charlton, 50 million pounds), Michael - Michael Owen (Striker, Newcastle United, free transfer), Boge Ba (midfielder, Le Havre, free transfer)

turn out: C Law (winger, Real Madrid, 80 million pounds), Fraser - Campbell (striker, Sunderland, 600 million pounds), Carlos Tevez (striker, Manchester City, loan expired), Manu Qiao (forward , Valladolid, did not disclose), Bose Pang (midfielder, Braga Athletic, loan), Eckersley (guard, Burnley, undisclosed)

Strength: individual strengths missing, a whole to make up for

Edwin van der Sar injured and the beginning of the season from Foster's replacement, the weakening of this position may affect the Manchester United start. After the defense is relatively stable, which is one of Manchester United's housekeeping magic.

C Luo, Carlos Tevez, after leaving the team, the strength being the hardest hit is the offensive front, Manchester United lost the most rely on the past of the individual "strengths" and will shift the overall balance, attack points, spread direction. However, in the face of a good defensive team, who could become the open gap that person is an unknown, after all, in the strong-strong dialogue, the individual capacity of super-all too often can play a key role, while Manchester United this summer in this part are subject to losses.
rkohhh2010-01-21 16:33:48 +0000 #3
Bin Keshi played goalkeeper 12


a cloud Dasa Tin Goose 40 Binemusi

Defender 22 Oshawa 15 Niemann search Vidi

3 Ella

2 Gaglini Willy

5 Rio Ferdinand 6 Brown


23 Chong Gibson took Fenyi Gunz

39 Chester

20 Jose Rafael Fabio

21 S.

30 Dina Special

Midfielder 14 Su Lantho Tin

La plot Delinwote



16 cards Valencia Road, Mills Field Hargreaves

17 g


8 Oliver to take Nepal Laan Da-chen

13 Park Ji-sung

11 Jay-Z

18, Scholes 24 Fei Cha

Austrian striker Michael Owen 7 Stubbs Dayton

41 Ma Beibituofu Jetta



10 Ronnie Ferguson Weierbike


transfer of information transferred out Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Pursuit Bambou Fall LAC

Li Gan Bao Tien Yeshiyuzhi

Fisher Sunderland

Taves Manchester

Man Lu Zuhua Valladolid

Dannisenpu Johnson transferred to Newcastle

Road, Valencia Wigan Sears



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