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I ask how to join the Chinese football team?

doki12010-02-28 20:10:16 +0000 #1
I ask how to join the Chinese football team?

16 year-old brother.

Soccer is my life's dream, but I do not know where to destination. Really good help.

The realities of society, forced to give up the dream.

But I do not agree with, I am not for fame and wealth.

But would like to make a love heart. But rather a loyal football.

No matter how difficult can no longer go, should he stick to it.

Hope that the relevant parties to help little brother look.

QQ291771429! Thank you
sharp_smoker2010-02-28 20:19:04 +0000 #2
a good fight live 2010, contact football show, to strengthen technical, physical exercise, starting from the club. The most important thing is to maintain the enthusiasm, because half-way switch, do other things, was fast-paced world are too many temptations
gouyee2010-02-28 20:46:46 +0000 #3
school diploma to join
kzm1001382010-02-28 20:25:31 +0000 #4
This seems to be serious. The kids love soccer, I wish you a pleasant journey.
Liang Jing Ren2010-02-28 20:55:32 +0000 #5
go to Shichahai Sports School, and slowly practicing bar
painted folk furniture2010-02-28 21:24:49 +0000 #6
Lightning tribe boys2010-02-28 22:51:03 +0000 #7
1. Have a direct relationship (indirect is 肉包子打狗). 2. To prepare some silver RBI.
o64529581o2010-02-28 22:21:34 +0000 #8
places, you go to school in Shandong Luneng enough to try it, this is the one of the best football in school, you played good, may be elected to the echelon, and then slowly up it, I hope you can be successful. But the real point is still advise you to it, when the loving kicked on the list, even if you really have C in Romania's technology, but also by the Chinese soccer into a major environmental impact of rubbish in! ! !
Luo Snow cici2010-02-28 20:50:16 +0000 #9
school diploma to join
syongpeng2010-03-01 00:18:11 +0000 #10
You'd better find a football school! ! !
zqsgaj20092010-02-28 20:46:22 +0000 #11
When you are dribbling the case of unguarded mistake, when you Mianduikongmen circumstances Shepian can enter Kunitari because Kunitari Tailan, only more bad players can be selected.
yutou_BANANA2010-03-01 00:00:13 +0000 #12
Call Gao Hongbo
418,979,3232010-03-01 02:27:05 +0000 #13
Shanghai has a team, as if kicking A A bar, that the team well



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