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The next stage of the Champions League opening game when playing?

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Stuttgart vs Barcelona Bordeaux vs Olympiakos

Chelsea, Inter Milan vs Bayern vs Fiorentina

CSKA Moscow vs Olympique Lyon vs Real Madrid Sevilla

Porto vs Arsenal

AC Milan vs Manchester United Champions League

the current 16, the three major league each three seats, with the Bundesliga French Ligue 2 seats each; the remaining three seats from Portugal, Greece, Russia, the team divided. 8 first team to win the group is; Bordeaux, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Florence, Barcelona, Sevilla, Arsenal; 8 to the second qualifying group is the Bayern team, CSKA Moscow, AC Milan, Porto, Lyon, Inter Milan, Stuttgart, Olympiacos, CSKA is the first of them into the Champions League knockout.

16 expenditure line followed by the teams draw the following principles: the group against other teams second, but at the same soccer team must be avoided. Second-ranked team group stage first hit home. English Premier League and La Liga teams are the three top ranked team, Serie A Fiorentina were only the first name of second-placed Milan duo will almost certainly be able to get rival, they are also the first name of the team wished to avoid the opponent, so two Milan teams Aspect fate became one of the draw.

1 / 8 final first leg in February next year, 16/17 and 23/24 held on, the second leg next year, March 9 / 10 and 16/17 held. Finals next May 22 in Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid, as the final organizer Butragueno Public Relations Manager attended the drawing of lots.
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